Chairman of Persipura: A foreign player arrived in Jayapura

The player is Caio Ruan, a Brazilian player

Jayapura (medialnews) – Persipura Jayapura management said one of the foreign players who would join the Mutiara Hitam team had arrived in Jayapura.

Persipura General Chairman Jayapura Benhur Tomi Mano said in a press release in Jayapura on Monday that the foreign players had arrived since Sunday (4/18).

“The player is Caio Ruan, a Brazilian player,” said Benhur, who is familiarly called BTM.

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According to BTM, the negotiation process for the foreign players is running smoothly, now it is up to the rest of the administration, including contracts.

“Hopefully things can go smoothly and these players are expected to help this team guard the defensive area,” he said.

He explained that until now the team was still waiting for other foreign players who were expected to complete the process shortly.

“I got a message that it’s okay next week, hopefully everything will run smoothly,” he said again.

Brazilian player Caio Ruan, full name Caio Ruan Lino de Freitas, is now 26 years old and has a height of 190 centimeters.

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Reporter: Hendrina Dian Kandipi
Editor: Fitri Supratiwi

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