BSI Purwokerto University teachers receive educator certificates

In addition to lecturer certificates, BSI Purwokerto also takes care of academic functional positions

medialnews, PURWOKERTO – In 2020, teachers at BSI University’s Purwokerto Campus (Bina Sarana Informatika) will take over the Academic Functional Position (JFA) and participate in the teacher certification process.

Submission of JFA SK and Educator Certificates was symbolically done by the Head of BSI Campus of Purwokerto Chandra Kesuma Campus to Director of Computer Engineering (IT) of BSI University of Purwokerto Nuzul Imam Fadlilah Campus on Tuesday March 30, 2021.

“I remind the speakers to keep paying attention to the activities of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi because the academic functional position has a long queue,” Chandra concluded, Tuesday (30/3).

He hopes that BSI University professors will be able to participate in academic promotions according to existing levels. For speakers who already have a JFA, it is requested that they continue to complete the Tri Dharma in order to continue their JFA level

“Those who do not yet have a JFA are expected to be motivated and able to immediately manage the JFA like other speakers and also prepare to participate in speaker certification in the coming period,” a- he declared.

BSI Purwokerto Campus Lecturer Development Unit (Bangdos), Imam Soleh said that the JFA filing was done online through the Sijali3 app for LLDIKTI Region 3. The certification process was also done online through the serdos service in the ‘Sister application.

“Currently, the deposit process is complete. The number of speakers who have completed the case consists of six expert assistants and nine speakers, “said the imam, Friday (21/5)

He added that there were nine holders of a lecturer’s certificate and at the same time an introductory decree was also issued to five teachers at BSI University.

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