BSI Commissioner traveled to Aceh to directly follow the IT system migration process

Banda Aceh (medialnews) – Independent Commissioner of PT Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) Tbk Mr. Arief Rosyid Hasan said he was in Aceh province to see first hand and to absorb information from various parties related to the services form the bank.

“I came to Aceh and wanted to hear directly various information from various parties in Aceh,” he told Aceh Besar on Tuesday on the sidelines of the visit of the representative of the Indonesian mediator from Aceh province.

He explained that his presence was also aimed at seeing first-hand the various efforts that BSI management continues to make to provide excellent service to customers.

“Currently, the BSI team continues to work optimally to complete the migration process which involves 31 Information Technology (IT) staff and they will be celebrating here,” he said. .

Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) Aceh Regional CEO Nana Hendriana Nana said 31 IT staff have been deployed across Aceh to maximize the migration of automated teller machines (ABMs) to Aceh.

BSI has nearly 900 ATM units in Aceh. Around 450 ATM units from BRIS are not yet functioning optimally. BSI targets up to 110 ATM units out of the 450 units to meet the needs of the community before Eid.

“The migration process is currently underway and to maximize this migration process, BSI’s board of directors is also assigning managers at the division head level to optimize services to all of Aceh’s customers,” he said. -he declares.

According to him, all the equipment to maximize BSI ATM service has been sent to Aceh.

“God willing, this unification process will take place in June and to maximize the program, many teams will come to Aceh,” he said.

PT BSI Tbk’s head of corporate communications Eko Nopiansyah said his party continues to make maximum efforts to provide the best service to residents of the tip of Palig province. Western Indonesia.

“We will provide the best service to all customers and the migration process will be completed as soon as possible,” he said.

The Head of the Ombudsman’s Reports Completion Division of the Republic of Indonesia, Aceh Representative Rudi Ismawan, appreciated the measures and efforts of BSI to provide excellent service to the community.

“The swift actions taken by BSI deserve our appreciation and we also continue to guarantee their commitment to provide the best service to customers,” he said.

During a working visit to Aceh, Independent Commissioner of PT Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) Tbk Mr. Arief Rosyid Hasan joined the Aceh Police Chief, the Head of the OJK Representative Office for Aceh and the head of the Bank of Indonesia in the province of Aceh.
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Journalist: M Ifdhal
Editor: Royke Sinaga

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