Borneo FC prepares for the match and challenges PSG Pati

Jakarta (medialnews) – Borneo FC will hold a trial match against Putra Safin Group (PSG) Pati in the field of Yogyakarta International Stadium on May 30, in preparation for wading through the 2021 League 1 competition.

“We coordinated some time ago with PSG’s management. We finally agreed to conduct joint training in Yogyakarta on May 30,” said FC Borneo team manager Farid Abubakar, quoting on the club’s official website on Wednesday.

PSG Pati has been known to participate in League 2 and is one of the teams ambitious to qualify for League 1 next season.

The team nicknamed Laskar Kembang Joyo is one of the League 2 teams considered “luxury” apart from Persis Solo and Rans Cilegon United.

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“I think this is a good test, because PSG has also made long preparations for Liga 2,” said Farid.

Even though they play in the second caste of national football, PSG Pati is not a random team, as the team led by Ibnu Grahan proved to be able to beat Persipura Jayapura 1-0 in a test some time ago.

This means that PSG Pati will clearly be a balanced opponent for Borneo FC, which is currently building up strength in the upcoming competition.

In fact, the management of Pesut Etam also ensured that PSG Pati was not the only test opponent during the training camp in Yogyakarta.

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“We are still investigating several possible trials while in Yogyakarta. It could be the League 1 team, the Liga 2 or the Nusantara League team. Obviously, we will be fighting PSG Pati first for this first trial. “, he said.

Farid admitted that the consideration of holding a TC (training camp) outside of Samarinda, namely Yogyakarta, in preparation for the League 1 competition, one of which was the opportunity to test with a team of the same level.

Because, if the training camp is conducted only in Samarinda, there will be one of the difficulties that the coach will experience, which is to see to what extent the progress of the player’s training results is due to the lack of trial opponents in the Etam continent.

Reporter: Zuhdiar Laeis
Editor: Teguh Handoko

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