Bogor Regent’s “Pancakarsa” program is synonymous with Generation Y

The Bogor Leaders Talk is an extraordinary innovation

Cibinong, Bogor (medialnews) – The main program of the regent of Bogor, Ade Yasin, named Pancakarsa, has now become the talking point of millennials in Bogor Regency, West Java, as it was discussed in the activity “Bogor Leaders Talk”, Wednesday.

The activity which was organized by the government of Bogor Regency (Pemkab) enabled young people to provide ideas and contributions for the progress of Bogor Regency, which were packaged into video recordings and uploaded to Instagram.

One of the participants, Faizal Afif in Bogor, gave the idea that millennials in Bogor Regency need a special place to work called the Bogor Creative Center.

“The first for me, the Bogor Leaders Talk, is one of the remarkable innovations of Regent Ade Yasin and the ranks in the midst of a bureaucratic system that has been viewed as rigid until now,” said the student from FISIB, from Pakuan Bogor University.

According to him, there are three important aspects in building a creative district, namely the maintenance and development of the potential of the creative economy, the second is the development of the creative class, the third is the planning and development of a creative environment.

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“These three things can make Bogor Regency a creative city. Currently, the spirit of Pancakarsa is very down to earth among young people. It only remains to embrace us so that we can be competitive at local, regional, regional level, national and international. ” he said.

Meanwhile, another participant, Sidiq Purba, came up with the idea of ​​a data-driven Pancakarsa like Seoul, South Korea, which was declared a smart city in 2020.

Therefore, according to him, the government of Bogor Regency can lead similar initiatives by making decisions based on data.

“One of the innovations launched by Seoul is the Owl Bus service, which can carry 7,000 passengers and increases citizen satisfaction by up to 80%.

To carry out this innovation, the city of Seoul makes three billion cell calls per day, so that it can detect the whereabouts of potential passengers to be transported, Sidiq said.

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Sidiq added that the function of data is not only to be accountable, but can be used by academics or young people to innovate, as the West Java Provincial Government launched the West Java Data Ecosystem as as government and community data portal.

For information, Pancakarsa, these are five wishes or aspirations for the development and growth of Bogor Regency for five years, including Bogor Build, Healthy Bogot, Smart Bogor, Bogor Maju and Bogor Berkeadaban.

Reporter: Mr. Fikri Setiawan
Editor: Edy Sujatmiko

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