Bobby’s joke about quarantine of Indonesian citizens, Edy Rahmayadi: It’s a big mistake

VIVA – The Mayor of Medan, Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution, protested the lack of coordination between the provincial government of North Sumatra and the city government of Medan regarding the quarantine of Indonesian citizens (WNI) abroad. North Sumatran Governor Edy Rahmayadi also responded.

Edy explained that for the management of COVID-19, the North Sumatra Provincial Government always actively involves the North Sumatra Regency / City Government, including the Medan City Government. “If you don’t get involved, get involved. Don’t think that all of this is missing,” Edy Rahmayadi told reporters in Medan on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

He revealed that COVID-19 treatment had been carried out for over a year with all elements of the community and the regency / city government. Therefore, Edy said that all elements must be involved in it.

“We have been taking care of it for a year and of course it is an activity to take care of our people. PMI, migrants, Indonesian citizens of Malaysia,” Edy said.

He explained that for the process of returning and quarantining TKIs from Malaysia, the provincial government of North Sumatra has formed a team of regional government and TNI / Polri elements.

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