BI encourages public to use IDR 75,000 denomination as Eid THR

Now the condition is that a KTP can exchange 100 coins per day and can be repeated every day

JAKARTA (medialnews) – Bank of Indonesia (BI) encourages the public to use Rp 75,000 Independence Memorial Money (UPK) as Hari Raya Savings (THR).

“For the expansion of the UPK 75 exchange, we are encouraging it not only as a collection but also as THR for this Eid,” said Marlison Hakim, executive director of the head of the BI Money Management department, at the meeting. ‘an online press conference in Jakarta. , Wednesday,

Marlison said that the Bank of Indonesia has implemented a new policy to attract public interest for the exchange of the 75th RI PUK.

If in the previous policy a NIK-KTP could only be used to redeem the UPK 75 Tahun RI 1 time with the amount of 1 leaf per day, specifically for the period Eid al-Fitr 2021, each NIK-KTP can redeem 100 parts every day.

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“The condition now is that a KTP can trade 100 coins per day and be repeated every day,” Marlison said.

In addition, the mechanism and the exchange time of 75 PUK for the Eid period has also been simplified. If previously individual exchanges were carried out as quickly as D + 1 after placing an order via the PINTAR site (https; //, individual exchangers can now choose the time of the exchange on H + 0. The public and the order and the exchange on the same day if the order is placed before 11:30 am.

Marlison pointed out that UP 75 Tahun RI is a legal payment method throughout the Republic of Indonesia. The UPK 75 exchange has been reopened since March 2 and can be redeemed at Bank of Indonesia and banks.

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Reporter: Kuntum Khaira Riswan
Editor: Risbiani Fardaniah

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