Before May 1, the Minister of Manpower: adhere to health protocols

The Minister of Manpower hopes that May 1 will increase social resilience to fight Covid-19.

medialnews, JAKARTA – In less than a week, workers and workers will commemorate the commemoration of International Labor Day (May 1). But on the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic is not over, even in the past two weeks there has been an increase in office clusters at DKI Jakarta.

Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah invites workers to celebrate May 1 in various ways. However, Menaker Ida reminded us to follow health protocols.

“I remind my colleagues who will be celebrating May 1 to continue to follow the health protocol,” Menaker Ida said on Wednesday (28/4) in Jakarta.

He didn’t want the workers to give up the pranks and create new clusters. For him, the Covid-19 epidemic currently hitting India must be a valuable lesson.

“We have a lot to learn from India, which has relaxed the program, which has resulted in new, more powerful clusters. This shouldn’t happen to us, ”he said.

He said that on May 1, 2021, the Ministry of Manpower also celebrated by organizing vaccinations for confederation officials and a number of other social activities.

“We will also organize on May 1st with unions / unions and APINDO as an entrepreneur element. We will organize various social activities as a form of our concern, ”he said.

He hopes May 1 can be a momentum to strengthen unity and brotherhood, become a tool to unite the nation and increase social resilience to fight Covid-19.

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