Before Lebaran, locals hunt pastries in Pasar Senen

Jakarta (medialnews) – A number of residents from different regions are looking for various pastries in Pasar Senen in central Jakarta to complement Lebaran’s dishes.

Resident Nuria (38) admitted she made up to IDR 1 million to buy pastries for her extended family.

“Yes, I spent almost Rp 500,000., Bought 2 kilograms (kg) of nastar, kastengel, snow princess, all kinds of stuff. After that I bought chocolate candies and snacks for them. little children, ”said Nuria, a resident of Kalimalang became a customer of a pastry shop in Pasar Senen, Jakarta on Tuesday.

He admits to buying pastries every year from Pasar Senen because the price is affordable and the taste quality is guaranteed to be delicious.

It’s a different story with Agus (52), a resident of Cikarang who also buys sweets, chocolates and astor for his child. After working in the Kebon Sirih area in central Jakarta, Agus admitted that today is the last day of work, before the Eid holiday.

“Yes, it’s buying for the kids. Not much, the important thing is for Lebaran,” Agus said.

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Situation of the sale of pastries in a Pasar Senen Jaya store, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (5/11/2021). (medialnews / Mentari Dwi Gayati)

Based on the Antara sighting on Tuesday afternoon, a number of stalls selling pastries were seen full of visitors, especially on the ground floor of Pasar Senen.

Nastar and Kastengel cakes were sold by consumers in several stores. Usually, residents buy in large quantities, at least 1 kilogram of nastar. Nastar and kastengel are valued on average between 150,000 IDR and 200,000 IDR per kg.

Besides pastries, locals also look for other snacks, such as flower shake, onion chips, egg cap, cashews and tojin, which range in price from IDR 30,000. at IDR 45,000 per kg.

Regarding health protocols, many residents did not wear masks properly, such as the folding under the chin, thus ignoring the crowds.

Journalist: Mentari Dwi Gayati
Editor: Sri Muryono

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