Bali’s National Chamber of Commerce and Industry canceled, says Kamrussamad

Kamrussamad. Photo: doc for jpnn

medialnews, JAKARTA – Kamrussamad considers that the cancellation of the national meeting of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) from June 2-4, 2021 in Bali shows the impartiality of the national economic recovery program (PEN), especially the tourism sector .

According to one of Kadin’s officials, President General Rosan Roeslani’s action to cancel the National Congress was not in line with the spirit of the organization.

“Due to the covid-19 pandemic, in January, the Bali National Chamber of Commerce and Industry was decided from June 2-4, 2021. However, for no apparent reason, the daily meeting of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce of Wednesday, May 25, was forced to unilaterally cancel the Bali National Conference, Rosan said. The president’s order, is it true? “Kamrussamad said in an official statement Thursday.

According to him, further explanations are needed regarding the cancellation.

This is because the decision of the Bali National Chamber of Commerce and Industry from June 2-4 is the President’s instructions as presented by the General President at the Full Board of Directors (DPL) meeting in April 2021.

“So which one is correct? Why is the business world playing it like this when the economy is still tough and the government needs the business world to absorb bank credit,” he added.

Kamrussammad said that MSMEs and the business sector involved in these national activities, namely the hotel, transport and culinary industries that have prepared raw materials / raw materials, have become very disappointed and may even suffer losses. .

Additionally, he explained, Bali, especially Nusa Dua, is a green zone in terms of the Covid-19 cluster, while Bali’s economy in Q1 2020 was negative minus 5.06% and the first quarter 2021 was also less negative 5.19%.

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