Atta Halilintar to Build AHHA Binaumma Islamic Boarding School in West Java: Okezone Celebrity

ATTA Halilintar announces good news on social media. He said he would build a pesantren soon.

It seems that Atta started to feel happy after Aurel Hermansyah’s miscarriage. Now he begins his normal activities while pampering his wife.

News that he would be building a pesantren was announced on attahalilintar’s Instagram page.

“Bismillah AHHA Binaumma Islamic boarding school with Allah’s permission on progress,” he said.


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He will build an Islamic boarding school with one of his relatives who will faithfully accompany him during his marriage. “With beloved OM ARYO who always accompanied me yesterday to the wedding,” he continued.

It is known that Atta Halilintar will build this pesantren in Cikalong Kulon, Cianjur, West Java. Wow, good spirit, Atta, I hope it goes well!


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