Atalarik Syach writes open letter calling on children to refuse to get caught by Tsania Marwa: Okezone celebrity

JAKARTA – Atalarik Syach wrote an open letter after his ex-wife, Tsania Marwa took steps to collect their children from his residence. The letter was uploaded by the actor to his personal Instagram account.

Atalarik shared his disappointment at Tsania Marwa’s action to forcibly pick up their children. In one of his points, he mentioned that their baby was very depressed by the mother’s action.

“Excessive actions and rioting. Also, especially the tension and anxiety of my children who were executed for almost 6 hours,” Atalarik wrote, quoted on Tuesday (4/5/2021).

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“Regardless of the psychological influence of my 8 and 5 year old children. Even though the children cried dozens of times, refusing to openly follow their mother,” he continued.

In fact, Teddy Syach’s older brother said Marwa had committed acts of violence against children who refused to be taken away.

“The petitioner for the execution committed violence against children by shooting the child’s hand as the child struggles not to participate,” he wrote.

After describing his disappointment with the incident, Atalarik advised the government to make improvements to the system so that a similar incident does not happen again.

Completing the open letter, Atalarik also uploaded a photo of himself with the children. The 47-year-old has proven he is happy living with his father.

“Alhamdulillah, children who have hearts and feelings always choose to be with me,” he wrote.

As is known, Tsania Marwa fulfilled the right to pick up her two children, Syarief and Shabira from Atalarik on April 29. The actress was granted custody of the child according to the decision of the Cibinong Religious Court.

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