At the beginning of Ramadan, Borneo FC focuses on training to restore physical condition

Jakarta (medialnews) – Borneo FC focuses more on training to restore the physical condition of the players in the early days of Ramadan and can last throughout the month of fasting.

“Until now, our training has focused on restoring the player’s fitness, both with the ball and without the ball. Borneo FC Ahmad Amiruddin at the official club. website on Saturday.

Amiruddin revealed that the interim coach, Mario Gomez, provided more programs to restore the players’ physical condition during practice while fasting.

Amiruddin admitted that the player’s fitness cannot be forced to train hard because he is fasting, but so far he has seen no problems training the players during the fast.

Only Amer Bekic has a separate training due to injury.

“Only Amer who stopped with a physiotherapist on the field, the rest all participated in training,” said Amiruddin.

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He admitted that Pesut Etam had learned many lessons after participating in the Menpora Cup some time ago.

Some of the weaknesses were used by Gomez as evaluation material for the upcoming League 1 and the results in the pre-season tournament could be used as material to formulate tactics and strategies for players.

It’s just that, when asked if the coaching team has a trial agenda in the near future, Amiruddin said he couldn’t confirm this.

However, he confirmed that he did not rule out joint exercises with other teams.

“If there is a pilot problem in the month of Ramadan, we will see what the conditions will be like later. Even if not, we will increase the internal games to evaluate how well the players understand the training menu we have provided. , ”’he concluded.

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Reporter: Zuhdiar Laeis
Editor: Jafar M Sidik

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