At TEI 2018, foreign “buyers” praised the quality of Indonesian products

Foreign “buyers” or buyers praised the quality of Indonesian products at Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2018, so that they have the potential to be marketed in their country.

Norman Rajen Abdullah, General Manager (Import & Export Division) MYDIN Mohamed Holdings BHD (MYDIN), one of the buyers who admits that Indonesian products are of good quality. Unsurprisingly, he regularly participates in various exhibitions, including TEI 2018.

“I think Indonesian products are very good. I already have orders for 2-3 containers of Indonesian products,” Norman said.

His presence at the TEI event is due to his desire to find a variety of quality food products to re-trade in Malaysia. Moreover, between Indonesia and Malaysia, the question of taste is not much different. Norman said that if he brought Indonesian goods to the Malays, indirectly the Indonesians living there could buy the goods from their own country.

“We are taking Indonesian products that do not exist in Malaysia,” he said.

Of note, MYDIN itself is a Malaysian retail company and sells various products ranging from food and drink, textiles, crafts, office stationery to accessories. Founded in 1957, MYDIN is known as the leading local supplier and hypermarket network in Malaysia.

Norman explained that Malaysian consumers really care about quality. Unsurprisingly, in every exhibition he attended, he prioritized quality products at competitive prices and also according to the demands of consumers’ tastes in Malaysia.

“They ask what quality and what price, and then we look for the most suitable supplier, from what country,” he said.

However, Norman acknowledged, Indonesia is still the biggest producer, especially for the SME product category. As a businessman, he hopes ASEAN countries will work together to strengthen the regional economy. The method is done, for example by manufacturing a product, to which each country contributes. Once completed, the products are marketed together in the ASEAN region.

“In addition, Malaysia and Indonesia are classified as one family and are part of ASEAN. There is a trade agreement. Work together to build an entire ASEAN. Moreover, the culture is the same. Food, cooking the same. So it is easier to sell products from ASEAN countries to Malaysia, ”he said.

MYDIN currently has a partnership with the Ministry of Commerce, to help promote Indonesian products in Malaysia, especially in the MYDIN retail network. These products will be geared to meet the desires of Malaysian consumers. Norman believes that such a system will generate high sales. “Marketing is very important in the product aspect,” he said.

With the cooperation of the ministry, MYDIN once a year promotes Indonesian SME products throughout the MYDIN hypermarket network in Malaysia, to open stalls and spaces in 27 major shopping malls and more than 70 MYDIN outlets.

“If he succeeds in Malaysia, we hope in other countries,” he said.

Indonesian food products, Norman explained, in the eyes of the Malaysian people is considered very good because the two majority countries are both Muslims, so there is no worry. Consumers do not hesitate. It’s just that the competition is very tight.

Another challenge, often the products issued by ASEAN, are usually copied and issued by China. Meanwhile, the prices cannot go against China. Quite a challenge. So there is no other way, not to compromise on quality.

“We produce it at the best cost. This is what SME entrepreneurs have to think about in order to be able to compete with countries like China earlier, ”he said.

Norman said the SME sector in Indonesia and Malaysia is equally good. Then it should complement itself. If Indonesia has a good product in one item, make it in Indonesia and sell it in Malaysia. Likewise, vice versa. This is the simplest example of cooperation.

“It’s a win-win, by working together,” he concluded.

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