Aska Ongi admitted that when he was dating he often accompanied Aliff Alli to take medication at the mental hospital.

medialnews – As well as revealing that Aliff Alli is still someone’s husband, Aska Ongi also reveals other facts that are not yet known to the public. He said that while always going out, he often accompanied Aliff to buy medicine at the mental hospital in Dharmawangsa region, south of Jakarta.

“I just found a history of receipts, he never bought any drugs. One of them is the drug Arinia which, after searching on Google, was like a bipolar or schizophrenia drug. When I go there every month to buy medicine, “Aska said when she met at the Central Religious Court in Jakarta on Wednesday (4/21/2021).

1. Medication use due to depression

At this point, Aska Ongi once asked why Aliff Alli had taken the drugs. And the answer that came out of the pesinetron’s mouth was quite surprising.

“I always think positively,” I asked, ‘Why are you going to the hospital like this?“. He replied depressed. I thought the depression was after the divorce from Nora. I think because the finances are not good enough. I didn’t ask inside, ”continued the mother-of-one.

2. Face the rule of law

Seeing that his client was involved with an opponent suspected of having mental health issues, Feriyawansyah would treat him in accordance with applicable law. From there, too, the judge can see more clearly what is going on.

“If we’re dealing with people like this, yes, we are relying on the rules of the law that apply. If you have a mental state like this, what do you want. So the judges based on this case must see. So that later, our customers do not become victims. Particularly sorry for the children. We are thinking about it. Because so far what our customers have shown is not an obstacle, ”Feriyawansyah said.

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