ASDP Merak operates 29 roro boats serving travelers

We enforce that all travelers must wear masks and keep their distance to control the pandemic

Merak (medialnews) – Indonesian River, Lake and Road Transport (ASDP) Merak Main Branch Ferry operated 29 Ro-Ro or Ro-Ro vessels throughout Tuesday to serve travelers for Lebaran 2021.

“All vessels in service are in good condition,” said Wednesday the commercial director of ASDP Indonesia ferry port, Merak’s main branch, Heru Wahyono in Merak.

So far, the Merak-Bakauheni, Lampung crossing has gone smoothly and normally, especially since there has been no accumulation of travelers compared to two years ago.

Travelers, pedestrians and vehicle passengers can be passed through to Bakauheni Port, Lampung without any traffic jams.

The central government will close crossings for travelers to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19.

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Passenger density is predicted to occur from night to early morning as this has become a tradition for travelers.

ASDP Merak operates 29 ro-ro ships with 52 voyages and all travelers can be crossed to the port of Bakauheni.

“We ask all travelers to wear masks and keep their distance to control the pandemic,” he said.

A number of passengers admitted that they felt relieved that after arriving at Merak Port, they could be immediately passed through to Bakauheni Port, Lampung, without long queues.

“We didn’t wait long at the Merak pier and we were immediately able to cross it to the island of Sumatra,” said Purwoto, who was on his way to Lampung.

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Reporter: Mansyur Suryana
Editor: M. Hari Atmoko

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