Andean Ngidam Martabak, Aldebaran Dizziness: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Episode 277 of Sinetron Ikatan Cinta becomes adorable. After craving grass jelly, this time Andean (Amanda Manopo) craves martabak which is sold in roadside carts.

At that time, Andean, Aldebaran (Arya Saloka), Reyna (Fara Shakila) and her sister Mirna (Chika Waode) were returning home. Suddenly Andean saw the martabak cart and moaned to her husband.

“Mas martabak,” Andin said, quoted on a Bond of Love show.

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The Bond of Love soap opera

Aldebaran started to feel dizzy because Andean craved street food again. He is afraid that the food will not be clean and that it will affect his wife’s stomach.

Then Mirna remembered that in the past, Andean’s cell had the same desires, namely to want to martabak.

“Din, how come you feel like you’re in the cell.” You want martabak, ”says Mirna.

Then Andean told me that when she was pregnant in detention, she wanted martabak. Asking for help from Nino (Evan Sanders), who was still her husband at the time, was turned down and her urges were unfulfilled.

Hearing the sad story of Andin, because in the past, when she was pregnant in her cell, her desire for martabak was not yet reached, finally Aldebaran gave in and wanted to buy Andin Martabak.

“Yes, I bought it,” Aldebaran said.

After arriving in front of the martabak cart, it was closed. But Aldebaran did not give up, he immediately called the martabak seller indicated on the cart.

Finally, with various dramas, starting with the martabak seller who almost refused Aldebaran’s request, until finally Andean fell asleep because he had waited too long for her husband.

After being awakened, Andin woke up and ate martabak, crying in tears. Finally, his desires in his current cell can be met.

“I’ve been pregnant before, I wanted martabak, nobody cares. Now I can eat, ”Andin said.


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