Amien Rais is not the father of reforms, but of stowaways

VIVA – Indonesia entered 23 years of Reformasi on May 21, 2021. After the Reformation incident of 1998, Amien Rais’s name is closely known as Father of Reformasi.

A number of reformist activists in 1998, calling themselves Barikade 98, called Amien Rais inappropriate for the title. The president of Barikade 98, Benny Rhamdani, questioned the title or the title of Father of the reform attributed to Amien Rais.

“We want to ask Amien Rais, when you were called the Father of the Reformation or Figure of the Reformation, who gave you the label of this character?” Benny said in his quoted statement on Saturday May 22, 2021

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