Ameer Azzikra, son of late Ustaz Arifin Ilham, applies for famous girl on Instagram

medialnews – The little brother of Alvin faiz named Ameer Azzikra just held an application process with a hijab girl named Nadzira Safa. Regarding the pandemic, the event was very short but still made a strong impression.

“Alhamdulillah, today the application process is smooth, easy and short. But still not relieved as it is not yet a contract. It was started before noon, the completion of the call to prayer of The original plan was indeed the dzuhur, just because he wanted to shorten the time to organize events during the pandemic, so we are moving the hours forward, ”Ameer said when meeting in the Kalideres region, at the West Jakarta, Saturday afternoon (5/22/2021).

1. From Instagram

Ameer also recounted how he met his future wife. As it turned out, it started out by following everyone’s Instagram accounts. When he finally met, Nadzira was able to amaze Ameer.

“The first time I knew this candidate was from Instagram. We just followed each other, after that we were busy with each other because we were both in college. Then shortly after, we met during the great dhikr at the Az Zikra Mosque. From this meeting, Masha Allah was amazed, “said the man – this 20 year old man.

2. Dreaming of a future wife

At first, Ameer didn’t think about getting married. But suddenly he had a dream. After talking to the ulemas, habib and ustaz, a plan was finally opened to hasten the marriage.

“Earlier this year, the dream of meeting a future bride would not be windy. Then we entered into discussions, istikharahs, deliberations with academics, teachers and habibs. Alhamdulilah until today “Said Ameer who revealed that the marriage contract would be held on June 10.

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