Alvin Faiz guarantees freedom from infidelity and domestic violence in marriage: Okezone celebrity

JAKARTA Muhammad Alvin Faiz broke some unpleasant news regarding her house with Larissa Chou. The couple who got married in August 2016 have agreed to end their household.

“To date (May 20, 2021), Larissa’s trial has come to court,” the son of the late Ustadz Arifin Ilham, quoted on his personal Instagram account, said Thursday (5/20/2021).

Alvin Faiz and Larissa Chou. (Photo: medialnews)

Although he did not clearly reveal the reasons for the divorce, Alvin Faiz made sure that there were no third parties in their marriage. In addition, he also denied the issue of domestic violence (KDRT).

“To refute the absurd assumptions, we stress that this divorce is not based on the existence of a third person, physical violence or anything similar,” he said.

Even though they agreed to go their separate ways, Alvin and Larissa always tried to focus on raising their only son, Yusuf Alvin Ramadhan. He also asked for prayers that their divorce cases could be completed.

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Alvin Faiz said, “We are both determined to maintain a good relationship and are united in raising Yusuf in the future. More or less I apologize and ask all friends for prayers.”

Alvin Faiz and Larissa Chou. (Photo: Instagram / @ alvin_411)

The rift in Alvin Faiz’s house has been felt since he uploaded Insta Story on May 18. He shared his wedding photo with Larissa Chou and supplemented it with stickers that read “ The End ” (finished). *

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