AHY invites Indonesian nation to pray for the crew of KRI Nanggala 402

Report by Tribunnews.com reporter Rizki Sandi Saputra

medialnews, JAKARTA – Democratic Party Chairman Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) called on all Indonesians, especially party officials, to always pray for the process of evacuating the sinking ship KRI Nanggala 402 in Bali waters.

He hopes that there will be another miracle for the safety of the crew of the vessel KRI Nanggala 402 with the discovery of the wreckage of the vessel by the rescue team.

“Praying according to one’s religion and belief (I) ask for a prayer for the safety of the nation’s patriots at KRI Nanggala 402,” AHY said in a written statement quoted on Sunday (4/25/2021).

“I really, really hope that there will be a miracle and that Allah SWT will provide help and that the one and only God is willing to grant us (prayers),” he continued.

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Not only that, the son of former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) also expressed empathy for the incident.

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In fact, he admitted that he had always followed the development of the evacuation process led by all the rescue teams that had been deployed so far.

“We are running against time because the increase in search time is directly related to the oxygen reserves of submarine crews,” said AHY.

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AHY, who is also the top graduate of the Army Military Academy (AD), fully understands that combat training for TNI is no ordinary routine activity.

Because according to him, an exercise like the one carried out by the patriots of the nation with the help of KRI Nanggala 402 is a form of implementation of the duties of the State.


He said an army might not be ready to fight to protect the country if it did not carry out the training seriously.

Therefore, AHY said, who also had the responsibility of being a combat commander, that when training took place, a leader’s orientation was to be successful in the task of the state and to maintain the security of his soldiers.

“What I have always thought about until tonight is not only the number of soldiers, not only the 53 lives of patriots who protect the country, but also the hopes of their parents, wives, children and brothers and sisters who depend on them for life, ”said AHY.

“Few people really feel the urgency of a situation like this, we continue to pray that Allah SWT will help us,” he added.

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