Abdee Slank Becomes Telkom Commissioner, Iwan Fals: Hope Amanah: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The election of guitarist Slank, Abdee State, as one of the curators of PT Telkom Indonesia, received a variety of responses from audiences, including seasoned musicians Iwan Fals.

Through his personal Twitter account, Iwan Fals also congratulated and expressed his joy for the post currently held by Abdee Slank. He wrote this remark after an internet user asked him for his opinion.

Iwan Fals. (Photo: medialnews)

“Phew, great Abdee! The longer they are, the more rock ‘n roll, healthier and happier they are, ”said Iwan. He continued his tweet with “I hope trustworthy”.

Iwan Falls’ upload was then inundated with comments that tickled viewers. The @dimasKramadhan account, for example, predicts that the musician will also be appointed commissioner of another BUMN.

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The surfer revealed: “Since Om has a song called My Combat Aircraft, I think he will become a commissioner of PT Pindad.” Meanwhile, the @Ndev_ita account wrote: “Patience brother. There is always a queue process. Later, God willing, my brother will do it. ”

Abdee Slank.

Abdee Negara was appointed commissioner based on the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) of May 28, 2021. SOE Minister Erick Thohir surprisingly appointed Abdee as independent commissioner of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk. *

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