A long queue occurred at the Senen Station GeNose Test

Jakarta (medialnews) – A long line of passengers was seen at the GeNose COVID-19 test counter at Senen Station in central Jakarta on Sunday afternoon.

One of the reasons is the policy of PT. KAI which requires passengers to submit a negative COVID-19 letter with a validity period of 1×24 hours.

Users can choose a type of test, namely PCR, GeNose test, or rapid antigen.

A number of passengers who lined up at the GeNose test counter today admitted they were leaving tomorrow and deliberately took the test today because they didn’t want to miss the train because they were stuck in the queue.

One of them is Santi (17) who will be returning to his hometown in Blitar by morning train on Monday.

“I’m leaving tomorrow for Blitar, but I’m voluntarily testing GeNose today, if tomorrow I’m afraid the queue will be long, it’s better now,” he told Antara on Sunday.

He also admitted that he was willing to stand in line for a long time because the cost of the GeNose test, which was only Rp 30,000, was more affordable than the antigen swab test.

The same was said by Helmiari (20) who will return home to Tuban, in East Java, by night train.

“Going out tonight, mas. It’s cheaper if GeNose is only 30,000 rupees no matter if you have to queue, which is the most affordable,” he said.

However, Sudirman (40) said different things. The man returning home to Surabaya prefers to do quick antigen outside because he feels sorry for his wife and their child if they have to wait in line for a long time.

“(Swab test) just outside so you don’t have to queue, because I brought my wife and kids,” he said.

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A lively atmosphere was observed at Senen station in central Jakarta on Sunday afternoon (05/02/2021). medialnews / Fianda Sjofjan Rassat

PT KAI (Persero) stressed that this does not increase the number of long distance train (KA) journeys with departures from Jakarta, both at Pasar Senen station and Gambir station before the ban on return home from May 6 to 17, 2021.

PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta public relations manager Eva Chairunisa in Jakarta on Saturday said that so far travel tickets for May 6-17, 2021 have not been sold or reservations have not been sold. not been carried out.

This is a form of support from PT KAI for the measures taken by the government to deal with COVID-19 through the ban on going home.

“From last week until now, the number of trips during the pandemic has not increased,” Eva said.

He also said that the provisions for the implementation of health protocols and the limitation of passenger volume with a maximum quota of 70% were still in force for all series at departure.

Journalist: Fianda Sjofjan Rassat
Editor: Sri Muryono

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