3 KIH Built, La Nyalla Believes Indonesia Can Attract Global Market: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Chairman of the DPD RI, AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti appreciates the achievement of the government’s goal of building three halal industrial zones (KIH). He hopes that KIH can be used to hook the global market for halal products.

The three KIHs which were built by the government through the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) are the Modern Cikande Industrial Zone in Serang Banten, the Safe n Lock Halal Industrial Park of Sidoarjo in East Java and the Bintan Inti halal center in Bintan Regency, Riau Islands.

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The East Java senator said that the three KIHs that had been built were included in the National Medium-Term Development Plan 2020-2024 (RPJMN).

“It has not been 5 years since the operational objective of 3 halal industrial zones has been achieved. We should appreciate the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), as well as other relevant ministries and institutions for this achievement, ”said LaNyalla, Saturday (8/5/2021).

LaNyalla added, a total of 6 KIH have been included in the government’s development program. The other three KIHs are the Batamindo Industrial Zone in Batam, Riau Islands, the Jakarta Pulogadung Industrial Zone and the Surya Borneo Industrial Zone in Central Kalimantan.

The chairman of the honorary council of the East Java Chamber of Commerce called for the involvement of the local government in the development of KIH. The regional government should also collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including the local MUI.

“So when this halal industrial zone is functioning, the commercial players and the halal products are ready. We must jointly support the functioning of the KIH because it will also have an impact on the regional economy, ”he said.

LaNyalla also assessed the need to prepare the supporting infrastructure for the KIH for a long time. From the distribution line to the road access.

“By going hand in hand, economic players do not walk alone. Therefore, synergy with local government is very important. This includes regional regulations so as not to hamper the development of KIH, ”said LaNyalla.

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This former student of Universitas Brawijaya Malang also highlighted the business sector developed in the halal industrial zone. Currently, the priority sectors to enter the production of KIH are the agri-food, fashion, pharmacy and cosmetics sectors.

“I hope this sector is expanded. In addition, we target markets in predominantly Muslim countries. It is necessary to consider the development of the craft sector. Indonesia is known for its authentic cultural arts, we can enjoy it, ”he said.

According to LaNyalla, one form of craft that can be crafted through KIH is agate rosary making. In addition to this, it can also be with wood, which is a characteristic of Indonesia.

“Indonesian agate is well known to foreign countries. There are Bacan stones like the one given to Barack Obama, then there are amethysts and so on. I am sure that if we bring unique products, the products of the Indonesian halal industry will become global, ”he said.


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