25 Sulawesi airports reported service and safety improvements

Safety and service in the airport area must always be the priority and the main concern of each region in order to provide a feeling of comfort to passengers.

Kendari (medialnews) – No less than 25 airports from four provinces of the island of Sulawesi made a statement and a socialization on the improvement of services and safety in the airport environment initiated by the Airport Authority of the region V of Makassar.

Makassar Region V Airport Authority chief Baitul Ikhwan in Kendari, southeast Sulawesi, said on Thursday that safety and services in the airport area should always be the top priority and main concern of each region to ensure passenger comfort.

“With the joint declaration of 25 airports, of course, all airport managers of the 25 will do so with the stakeholders at their respective airports,” he said.

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According to him, service and security at the airport must always be improved, not only in the face of Eid, but also every day so that passengers are comfortable in their travels.

“There is a need to improve safety and service to provide a sense of comfort to passengers,” Baitul said.

Head of the Makassar Region V Airport Authority, Baitul Ikhwan. (medialnews / Harianto)

Haluoleo Kendari Airport Manager Benyamin Noach Apitulei said that in the security system his party is working with a third party namely Angkasa Pura who is more professional in security management.

“Maintaining a culture of safety and a culture of safety is very important at the airport to ensure passenger comfort,” he said.

The four provinces that made the declaration are South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi and North Sulawesi with the hope that the crime rate in the airport environment can be minimized immediately.

Journalist: Muhammad Harianto
Editor: Nusarina Yuliastuti

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