2 million Bali tourism workers at risk of job loss

JAKARTA, Bisniswisata.co.id: Menparekraf Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno reminded media teams that the economic situation in Bali due to the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened more than 2 million tourism workers on the Island of the Gods with losing their jobs.

Talk to Weekly press briefingOn Monday afternoon at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga said Bali, which is the prima donna of tourism, now needs a helping hand, even just to survive, he said. .

While the economies of other regions have recovered relatively, Bali has experienced a lack of economic movement in recent quarters. “From minus 12 percent per quarter last year and the last first quarter (2021), it was still minus 9 percent, said Sandi.

Bali is still undergoing deep corrections, so the actions it has taken since Q1 or early 2021 with an office in Bali are right.

The Minister for the Coordination of Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, also echoed last week the Bali work program or Bali work to restore tourism to Bali from this third quarter.

This program will be implemented at the coordinating ministry for Marves, which is led by Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan and the ministries under his coordination and what you want to keep in balance is the management of COVID -19 and also economic growth.

Menparekraf admitted he was happy because of the program Bali work will be able to help save Bali’s tourism sector as the backbone of the country’s main tourism-defining economy with an estimated 56 percent tourism contribution.

“The backbone of tourism is accommodation and accommodation in Bali, there are 140 thousand rooms. Imagine if everything was less than 10 percent filled. This means that many coworkers in Bali do not work for 10 to 14 months, said Sandiaga Uno.

He made sure that the main objective of this policy was “to take sides with our brothers and sisters who are under enormous pressure,” said Sandi, adding that the ministry’s policy of coordinating for the Marves through the work of Bali (WFB) did not have a special budget policy.

From the start he often came to work in Bali. Although working in Bali, Kemenparekraf’s budget is still efficient. In addition, the Minister for the Coordination of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Policy is also a form of alignment with the condition of the Balinese people, preparation for travel lanes and also the adaptation of changing habits of working actors. , including digital nomads, explained Sandi.

“The 25% Civil Servants (ASN) program that WfB serves as a benchmark for activities in Bali and is a straightforward step, has the right benefits, because our brothers and sisters in Bali really need it,” said said Sandiaga Uno.

In the living room press conference this time, another issue that has remained unresolved relates to tourism subsidies and government incentive aid that goes to other tourism industries, especially travel agencies, as a spearhead for tourists from around the world. inside and outside the country.

“Tourism subsidies and government incentive aid are currently in the approval stage with a total of 3.7 trillion rupees. We hope this can be well executed in fiscal year 2021, “he said.

Those who receive tourism subsidies include not only hotels and restaurants, but also tour operators, tourism actors and other creative economies, such as travel agents, management of amusement parks and several activities that fall under the tourism and the creative economy.

Sandiaga said that there are currently several districts / towns that have not provided the necessary data to be able to execute this, especially those related to BPJS Naker. In addition, Sandi has not received any data relating to other regional taxes either.

“So go ahead and submit, this open submission will open on June 4, 2021 and close on July 4, 2021,” Sandi said.

This government incentive aid is a form of fair policy. Password, with this help, would like to be passed on to business players, MSMEs, small businesses and also novice entrepreneurs who are trying to survive in the midst of a pandemic and economic hardship.

Foreign media representatives also questioned the policy aimed at attracting digital nomads to enter Bali after the border opens. PThe government wants clear legal certainty regarding digital nomads.

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