2 main characteristics of children with obesity, don’t be late

Friday April 30, 2021 – 6:33 AM WIB

2 main characteristics of children with obesity, don't be too late - JPNN.com

Obesity Illustration (Pixabay)

medialnews, JAKARTA – Childhood obesity is a complex health problem.

This health problem does not only occur in adults, but can also occur in children.

However, chubby kids are often seen as cute and adorable.

In fact, there is a serious problem behind this.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentions the characteristics of children who are considered obese.

First, when the body weight is well above the normal or healthy threshold for age and height.

The causes of excessive weight gain in children are similar to those in adults, including behavior and genetics.

The problem of overweight in children deserves special attention, because if it is not treated, there will be a future full of health problems.


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