Tourism Law Becomes DPR Initiative, Puan: Brings New Paradigm: National Okezone

JAKARTA – The DPR RI officially submitted the draft law (RUU) on the Third Amendment to Law No. 10 of 2009 on Tourism as a private member’s bill. The Chairman of the DPR RI, Puan Maharani, stated that this change aims to create sustainable quality tourism.

“This tourism law carries a new paradigm, namely sustainable quality tourism,” Puan said in her statement on Wednesday (10/7/2024).

This step is taken to ensure that the government, both central and regional, is more serious and consistent in developing a sustainable tourism sector. Puan hopes that with the new law, tourism management will become more professional, transparent and inclusive. The benefits can thus be felt by the entire community.

“Sustainable quality tourism is the key to achieving equal prosperity across Indonesia,” he said.

Puan added that the development of the tourism sector should be consistent for the welfare of people in different regions, namely by prioritizing the interests of the community around tourism destinations and ensuring that no one is harmed.

“The Tourism Bill aims to create new jobs because sustainable tourism can create new jobs and increase the income of local communities. In this way, people can directly experience the economic benefits of the tourism sector,” he said.

Puan believes that the Tourism Law supports the promotion of local culture. Sustainable tourism can promote local culture and further strengthen community identity.

“This will not only preserve the cultural heritage but also become a tourist attraction,” he said.

The Tourism Act also aims to develop high-quality tourist destinations. Good destination management will attract more tourists and enhance Indonesia’s reputation as a leading tourist destination.

In addition, this bill regulates the guidance and involvement of tourist institutions in the management and development of tourism in the regions.

“The DPR encourages the government to cooperate with these institutions so that they can have a positive impact on the world of Indonesian tourism,” he said.

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It is hoped that the Tourism Act will increase consistency in tourism development and support various existing policies, including the job creation program. Keeping this in mind, consistency in the development of the tourism sector will not only support economic growth but also ensure environmental and social sustainability.

Chairman of the DPR Tourism Bill Working Committee (Panja), Agustina Wilujeng Pramestuti, stressed the importance of the Tourism Bill. As it will increase the government’s focus on the development of the tourism sector.

“If this bill is passed, the tourism sector will become one of the government’s priorities in determining the development of infrastructure that supports access to tourism development,” he said.

The Tourism Law, he continued, will regulate planning for all potential destinations throughout Indonesia.

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