The woman who sent the poisoned satay was a bully, police were said not to embrace the heart

Tuesday May 4, 2021 – 14:52 WIB

Woman sending poisonous satay is Bulet, police are said not to marry heartache -

Nani Aprilliani Nurjaman aka Tika, the suspect in the poisonous cyanide satay delivery. Photo: GUNTUR AGA TIRTANA / RADAR JOGJA

medialnews, YOGYAKARTA – Nani Aprilliani Nurjaman aka Tika has been named a suspect in the poisoned satay case.

However, it is possible that the number of perpetrators of this poisonous satay case is increasing.

“We are still doing research. All possibilities are possible, ”Polda DIY Kombes general criminal investigations director Burkan Rudy Satria said at a press conference at Bantul police headquarters on Monday (3/5), as quoted by Jogja radar.

The police continue to investigate it further. In addition, the police continued to examine the information provided by Nani.

“This person (Nani, Red) is not as easy as imagined. Still requires a long process of deepening. This one (the abuser) is very introverted, ”he said.

The police also did not want to conclude that the real target in the poisoned satay case was Aiptu Tomy.

Because the police suspected that Tomy’s family members could have been the targets.

“All of this has not been clearly revealed, the statement of this suspect mbulet (not easy to investigate, incredible, good to dodge), ”Sleman’s former police chief said.


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