The People's Court will be held tomorrow, Nawadosa will sue the Jokowi regime

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – People's Tribunal or People's Court The so-called Extraordinary People's Court will indict the alias President Joko Widodo Jokowi about various policies of his government. In the lawsuit, the Extraordinary People's Court stated that it would try nine sins or “Nawadosa” of Jokowi's regime during his ten years in office.

Spokesman of the Extraordinary People's Court Edy Kurniawan said the people's trial will take place on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. The trial will be broadcast online through the website.

However, the Extraordinary People's Court has not announced where the trial will take place. Edy said the names of the judges who will preside over the trial will also be announced before the trial. “We will announce the names of the meeting tomorrow,” Edy said via a short message on Monday, June 24, 2024.

Edy said the Extraordinary People's Court had also sent a summons to Jokowi to appear before the People's Court. The summons, Edy said, had been delivered directly to the State Secretariat and online on the government's social media.

According to Edy, Jokowi's various policies have made people increasingly vulnerable to various crises. “The Jokowi regime will be held accountable for nine policy issues that harm the constitutional rights of the people,” Edy said.

Edy said the Jokowi regime's Nawadosa regime consisted of several government failures that they said distorted the people's sense of justice. There are nine Nawadosa points that they said were implemented by President Jokowi's government.

First, the Extraordinary People's Court highlighted the confiscation of housing and the exclusion of communities, which they accused of being carried out by the government over the past decade. Edy gave examples of several projects that later led to land conflicts, such as the National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago and the Rempang Eco City project in Batam, Riau Islands.


Secondly, the Extraordinary People's Court also provided an overview of the violence, persecution, criminalization and discrimination blamed on the Jokowi government as part of Nawadosa. “(Third party) perpetuates impunity and crimes against humanity,” Edy said.

Fourth, there is the problem of the destruction of the education system through commercialization, uniformity and subjugation. Fifth, the Extraordinary People's Court includes the massive exploitation of natural resources and false solutions to the climate crisis.

“(Sixth) the preservation of the KKN (corruption, conspiracy and nepotism) and the corrupters,” Edy said.

Seventh, a work system that impoverishes and oppresses workers, and eighth, the problem that the government is perceived to have hijacked the legislation. Finally, ninth is militarism and militarization, which are believed to have been deployed by the government to protect investment projects and entrepreneurs.

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