The PBSI selection team will soon open registration for candidates for the position of General Chairman

The PBSI selection team will soon open registration for Chief Executive Officer candidates
The Indonesian men's badminton team shouted slogans before competing against the Indian badminton team (Antara).

The Indonesian Badminton Association (PP PBSI) will hold a National Conference (Munas) in Surabaya, East Java on August 9 and 11 to elect the general chairman for the period 2024-2028. The networking team that was formed began organizing outreach and immediately opened registration.

“The selection period will be one month, including socialization and registration. Until July 11 (socialization period), the public will have the opportunity to nominate general chairman for the term 2024-2028,” said head of the selection team, Edi Soekarno. , during a press conference in Pelatnas Cipayung, Jakarta, Tuesday (25/6).

The socialization was carried out by the Penjaringan team from June 24 to July 11. Registration for candidates will then be open from July 12 to 17.

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From July 18 to 23, applicants who register will have the opportunity to submit the requirements. According to PBSI regulations, candidates must have the support of at least 10 provincial administrators (pengprov) to stand as candidates.

A number of other conditions include that you are not an administrator of another sport or part of the management at KONI.

“The minimum requirement for support is 10 provinces. Now there are 38 (administered) provinces, initially 34, then there were additional factions (expansion) in Papua and West Papua,” Edi added.

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The selection team will also validate and verify the requirements on July 24-29 so that they are announced as candidates at the National Conference.

Regarding the timing of the National Conference, Edi said that PBSI guaranteed that it would not disrupt preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. It was also said that the National Conference would not influence the implementation of the 2024 PON as it had already been arranged.

“Why (National Conference) in August? In ADRT PBSI, it must be held before the term of service expires, provided it does not exceed six months. So it can be held for six months or less,” Edi said.

“This (management) period ends in November 2024 and has nothing to do with the Olympics at all,” he said. (Z-8)

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