The DPR Timwas says the transfer of quota for the special hajj is a violation of the rules, this is the defense of Minister of Religion Yaqut

TEMPO.CO, JakartaSupervisory team (Timwas) Hajj The DPR RI believes that the Ministry of Religion's policy of deriving an additional quota of 10,000 from a total of 20,000 for the special Hajj is against the rules. The DPR considered that the transfer was not in accordance with the results of the meeting of the Hajj Working Committee (Panja).

Commenting on the DPR's Hajj Timwas statement, the Minister of Religion said Yaqut Choli Qoumas stressed that there was no abuse in the use of additional quota allocations during the Hajj of 1445 Hijriah or 2024 AD.

“There is no abuse of extra quotas. That is the principle,” Yaqut said in Medina, Saudi Arabia, Saturday, June 22, 2024, as quoted Between.

Indonesia's Hajj quota this year is 221,000 people. This number consists of 203,320 regular hajj and 17,680 special hajj. Indonesia also received an additional quota of 20,000, which was then divided into 10,000 each for the regular Hajj and 10,000 for the Special Hajj.

“We are not abusing it and God willing, we will carry out this mandate to the best of our ability,” Yaqut said.

He said the highlight of this year's Hajj pilgrimage had just ended. The trials of Arafah, Muzdalifah and Mina (Armuzna) went smoothly. Overcrowding in Muzdalifah in 2023 can be well anticipated, so that Hajj pilgrims even left Muzdalifah for Mina at 07:37 Saudi Arabian Time (WAS).

“Thank God the climax of Hajj went smoothly, from the procession in Arafah, Muzdalifah to Mina, everything went well and smoothly,” he said.

Yaqut said this could not be separated from the implementation of the Smartcard Nusuk policy and the existence of a plan (mumble) while encouraging pilgrims from Arafah to Mina.

Murur is a plan for the movement of Hajj pilgrims from Arafah, through Muzdalifah (without getting off the bus) and going directly to Mina. This scheme is applied to municipalities for the elderly, at risk and for the disabled.

“I think one of the keys to the success and smoothness of our pilgrimage lies in these two things: Nusuk and mumble”, said the Minister of Religion.

In the 2025 hajj season, Indonesia will again receive a quota of 221 thousand people. Yaqut was assured of next year's Hajj quota after attending the final celebration of Hajj 1445 H and being allocated quotas for 1446 H.

Moreover, the DPR Hajj team said that the Ministry of Religion had violated two things…


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