Synopsis of the film Ipar is Death from an Unexpected Household Storm, Aris Chooses Nisa or Rani

Synopsis of the film I-in-law is Death: Unexpected domestic storm, does Aris choose Nisa or Rani?
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DISCUSSION on the movie Ipar is Death has become trending on social media. Directed by renowned director Hanung Bramantyo and production house MD Pictures, this film tells the story of the destruction of a household due to infidelity.

Reported by ANTARA, this film is based on a true story shared by a TikTok account @elizasifaa. The storyline of the film is about the experience of a woman who finds out that her husband is having an affair with his own sister.

This film follows the story of Nisa (Michelle Ziudith) who first met her husband Aris (Deva Mahendra) when Nisa was still in college and Aris was a young teacher on her campus.

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After they get to know each other better, Aris decides to propose to Nisa. Their marriage was initially very happy and harmonious.

The audience was captivated by the harmony of their household with the portrayal of Aris as an intelligent and charismatic husband and Nisa as a loving wife.

Their household was put to the test when Nisa's mother (Dewi Irawan) entrusted Nisa's sister, Rani (Davina Karamoy), to live in the same house because she was studying in the city where they lived.

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At first everything went normally, Aris and Nisa's household ran harmoniously and happily, coupled with the presence of their only child named Raya (Alesha Fadhillah).

Unexpectedly, Rani started growing seeds of love for Aris and conversely, Aris also became interested in his wife's younger sibling. Until they eventually had an illicit relationship without Nisa knowing.

The lies that Aris and Rani had covered up one day were finally revealed by Nisa. Aris's affair immediately destroyed Nisa's household that had been building for years.

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In terms of story, the movie “In-Law Is Death” has a story pattern similar to other movies about marital infidelity. What's slightly different here is that the character the man takes from the man is the woman's younger brother.

Hanung Bramantyo managed to play with the audience's emotions through the plot and conflict in this film. At the beginning, the audience was taken to feel the warmth of Aris and Nisa's household. Then the audience's emotions immediately went haywire after a conflict arose when Aris had an affair with Rani.

The flow of conflict is also constantly brought out from the middle to the end of the film, which doesn't seem to break the audience's irritated emotions towards Aris and Rani's affair.

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The heartbreaking plot is also supported by the good acting of the actors. The characterizations in this story are very strong and the actors playing them stir up the audience's emotions even more.

The most memorable scene was when Aris and Nisa had an argument after his affair with Rani was discovered.

The film Ipar Is Death itself can be seen in all cinemas in Indonesia from June 13, 2024. (Ant/P-5)


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