Support the young generation to be independent, resilient and love the motherland

Support the young generation to be independent, resilient and love the motherland
Spirit of Braveness, an out-of-class learning activity in which students from BPK Penabur in Yogyakarta (DOK BPK PENABUR) participate.

IMPLEMENTATION of the Merdeka Curriculum at the BPK Penabur Jakarta Elementary School (SD) level in 2021 provides flexibility for the teaching staff to create quality education based on the needs of the students and the learning environment.

One of them is the project Strengthening the Pancasila Student Profile (P5), which is also developed to support the achievement of the objectives of primary education, namely the establishment of basic intelligence, knowledge, personality, noble morals, independent living skills and preparing students for secondary education.

“At SDK Penabur Jakarta, the implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum in teaching and learning activities focuses on P5, namely students with faith, noble character, global diversity, mutual cooperation, independence, critical reasoning and creativity.” said Sukarni, head of SDK Penabur Jakarta.

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As an implementation, students get real experience through the 'Spirit of Braveness' activity. Spirit of Braveness is an activity attended by 933 students from 20 SDK Penabur Jakarta. They have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, especially at various tourist locations in the Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY).

This educational tourism trip uses train transportation from Gambir Station, Jakarta to Tugu Yogyakarta Station, DIY with PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) to support the goal of giving participants new experiences and practicing their independence. Depart from Gambir Station on the Taksaka Malam train that connects Gambir Station to Yogyakarta.

“One of the objectives of the Spirit of Braveness is to strengthen the implementation of the Penabur student profile, namely BEST (Be Tough, Excel Worldwide, Share with Society, Trust in God). “This activity carries the concept of beyond learning, direct experience and observation. It is hoped that it will shape the personality of students to become tough and disciplined through local wisdom.” explained Kenny Lim, Chairman of BPK Penabur Jakarta.

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Besides enjoying the beautiful view in cool weather while watching the sunrise, the students on the slopes of the active mountain also performed morning prayer together as an expression of gratitude for God's creation.

“We chose Yogyakarta as a destination because it is a cultural center that should be introduced directly to students by experts. Starting from dance arts, handicrafts and special foods that can awaken the feelings of love for their homeland and creativity in students. In addition, the friendliness from local residents can also be used as a valuable lesson.” said Lidya Ida Fatonah, head of the Student Activities and Education Support Services Department (Lapendik) of BPK Penabur Jakarta, which implements the Spirit of Braveness.

Support from various parties

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The Spirit of Braveness activity was welcomed by various parties. Such as from the Tourist Office and the Yogyakarta Special Region Education, Youth and Sports Office who were directly present at the dance and jemparingan training activities (14/6). Ismunardi, head of Bantul Regency Secondary Education Center, who represented the head of Youth and Sports Education Department of Yogyakarta Province, expressed his joy at this activity. According to him, this activity can provide mutual benefits and opportunities for mutual learning between participants and the local community.

LS Don Charles, Young Expert Policy Analyst for Yogyakarta Provincial Tourism Bureau, is proud that Yogyakarta has been chosen as the destination location for the Spirit of Braveness. He was grateful because this activity boosted tourism in the DIY sector.

“I welcome it with open arms because the objectives of the activity are in line with ours. The Nuswantara Village Dance is a dance that communicates many cultural elements, puppeteers such as Semar, Petruk, Gareng and poetry that is proud to be Indonesian, with a cheerful rhythm. It is through culture that children's character is shaped.” said Pardiman Djoyonegoro, cultural observer and owner and leader of Omah Cangkem.

Meanwhile, the head of Daop 1 PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Iwan Eka Putra expressed his gratitude to BPK Penabur Jakarta for using the railway services (KA): “KAI Daop 1 Jakarta is honored to serve the students of BPK Penabur Jakarta “We will always support and be ready to provide the best possible service,” he emphasized (11/6). PT KAI hopes that this activity can be an example for other students to travel by train, so that they when they grow up they can get a different experience and good education (Z-6)

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