Stories of residents of the fishing village of Tambak Lorok who spent tens of millions of rupiah to save their homes from Rob

TEMPO.CO, Semarang – Resident Fishing village Tambak Lorok, Tanjung Mas sub-district, Semarang, hopes that the phase II sea wall being built by the government will not be a false solution to the problem To rob on the north coast of Central Java. Moreover, according to President Jokowi, Semarang's sea wall can withstand flooding for up to thirty years.

Chairman of RW 16 Slamet Riyadi said the current situation had improved somewhat after that sea ​​wall Construction of Phase II begins. “Now trucks no longer come to bring soil to fill the house (raise the ground floor so robbers don't enter),” Slamet said when met in his village on Tuesday, June 18, 2024.

However, that doesn't mean the problem is over. Slamet said tidal flooding still occurs, although it is not as high as before. Before the phase II dike was constructed on the east side, the tide could be as high as one meter. It is now only about 30 cm at most. He said the flooding was a result of water seeping from the Phase I embankment constructed on the western side.

He also hopes that the government will immediately repair the Phase I embankments, raise village roads and repair water channels. In this way it is hoped that tidal waves will no longer flood the fishing villages.

“We hope that this (the problem of water intrusion from the Phase I embankment) will be resolved as soon as possible. “If the government program is to protect Tambak Lorok from wear and tear and flooding, it must be completed,” he said.

The reason, Slamet said, is that the flooding in the fishing village of Tambak Lorok has so far caused problems for residents. One of the reasons is that before there was a phase II dike, residents had to raise their houses at least once every five years. This is the only way to prevent the house from sinking.

“If you build a house here, the foundation is one meter plus 20 cm. “That's five years, after that it can be the same again,” he said.

According to Slamet, adapting a house so that it doesn't sink doesn't cost much. The minimum, he said, is IDR 20 million. This nominal value may be larger if the size of the resident's home is also large. Meanwhile, the majority of RT 16 residents have no savings because the income of fishermen is not fixed. Borrowing money from the bank by submitting a land certificate as collateral is also possible.

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