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JAKARTA – How to get money fast is easy nowadays. This method can be used by internet users who want to earn extra income.

With the advancement in technology and increasing ease of access to information, people can now take advantage of various ways to make money online.

In certain situations, the urgent need for cash can be crucial. Although earning money fast usually requires hard work and perseverance, there are several reliable methods to achieve this goal quickly.

Even if you have only a small amount of capital, leveraging technology and creativity can help you generate an attractive income.

Here Okezone summarizes how to make money fast, Tuesday (7-09-2024):

Dropshipping company

Running a business without capital and still making big profits is one of the advantages of dropshipping. Initially, you only need to promote the product to friends, family or acquaintances.

When someone buys, the supplier will make sure that the goods are shipped directly to the buyer. Dropshippers receive a commission based on the dropshipping program they participate in. The more products sold, the bigger the commission earned. This business is great for those who want to earn an extra income without having to worry about stocks and inventory.

Become a content creator

Becoming a content creator is an interesting choice because you can create content that suits your interests. Content Creators can publish their work on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The more people view and like the content created, the more income you can earn.

Online sales

Currently, all activities including selling can be done online. People can sell various products from food to other goods.

Selling designs

Much like selling photos or videos, those of you who have design skills can try to sell your work. Places to sell designs, such as Freepik, vectorstock and others.

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Become a Social Media Manager

Currently, many companies are opening vacancies for social media managers. This method also maximizes social networks, the use of which continues to increase every year. You can use it productively.

Sell ​​photos

If you are interested in photography, you can use it as a source of income by signing up as a contributor on various photo platforms, such as Getty Image or Shutterstock. The income earned depends on how many people buy or download photos of the creator’s work.

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