SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit and SDN 043 Cimuncang win top podium

SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit and SDN 043 Cimuncang win top podium
SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit player Naya Aisha Kirana fired a shot at the opponent's goal in the final match of the KU 10 MilkLife Soccer Challenge (FOUNDATION DOK DJARUM).

An exciting and tense ATMOSPHERE was presented in the final match of the MilkLife Soccer Challenge – Bandung Series 1 2024, which took place at the Progressive Sport Center on Sunday (23/6). SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit emerged as champions after defeating SDN 075 Jatayu in the age category (KU) 10. Meanwhile, in KU 12, SDN 043 Cimuncang C looked strong and managed to reduce the resistance of SDN 036 Ujungberung.

SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit took a look at the final match at KU 10 and was able to maintain the impressive play shown since the start of the MilkLife Soccer Challenge – Bandung Series 1 2024 competition. On the other hand, he realized that their opponent was quite tough. SDN 075 Jatayu also played offensively and created mutual attacks since the kick-off.

Syahdan, through a counter-attack, opened SDN 085 Ciumbule from a 1-0 lead, which was recorded by Naya Aisha Kirana. The central figure as organizer of the attack stimulated the enthusiasm of his teammates after scoring a goal by unleashing a horizontal kick into the corner of the goal that the SDN 075 Jatayu goalkeeper could not parry. Apparently the goal was scored again before half-time by the vassal of SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit. This time it was Nadhiva Shula, KU 10's top scorer in the MilkLife Soccer Challenge – Bandung Series 1, who put his name on the scoreboard after taking advantage of the chaos at the goal mouth.

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In the second half, SDN 075 Jatayu tried to recover by playing more aggressively. Open play and mutual attacks were again inevitable and the hard efforts of the students led by Irpan Nur Alanurin Anwar paid off through a goal by Arsifa Kayla Putri. Unfortunately, the score of 2-1 only changed when the final whistle sounded and SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit captured the championship title.

The goalscorer and captain of the SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit team, Naya Aisha Kirana, said she had 'stage fright' before setting foot in the final. “At first I was nervous before playing because this was my first final match. But he started to enjoy playing because he was encouraged by supporters and coaches. I also continue to encourage my friends not to be afraid of their opponents. “I am very happy that I was able to score many goals and become champion in the MilkLife Soccer Challenge – Bandung Series 1 2024,” said Naya with a proud face.

Meanwhile, in the KU 12 final, an identical score of 2-1 also took place when SDN 043 Cimuncang C met SDN 036 Ujungberung on the green field. The SDN Cimuncang C team was able to appear confident, even though the shouts of the opponents resounded dominantly from the stands.

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Instead of being pressured by the actions of the opponent's '12th player', SDN 043 Cimuncang C rushed to dominate the match from the start. The waves of attacks launched by the SDN 043 Cimuncang C holder eventually forced the players of SDN 036 Ujungberung to struggle on the defensive line.

It didn't take long for these conditions to allow SDN 043 Cimuncang C to break through the opponent's defense and score a goal through the feet of Sandrina Rachelia Suprapto. This goal also ensured that Sandrina won the title of Top Scorer with a score of 22 goals during the competition in Bandung.

After a 1-0 win, it didn't take long before SDN 043 Cimuncang C doubled their lead to 2-0. From a fight for the ball outside the penalty area, Hilda Rizki Shaffira kicked the ball wildly towards the goal and could not anticipate the goalkeeper of SDN 036 Ujungberung, Fitriana.

SDN 036 Ujungberung did not give up even though they were two goals behind and played more aggressively after the restart. After several chances in the opponent's area were not taken, the goal was eventually created as an own goal due to an opponent's blunder in heading the ball in the defensive area. Although they started to gain confidence and seemed to be under pressure, the scoreline of 2-1 for SDN 043 Cimuncang C's victory unfortunately only changed at the end.

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This victory made Sandrina proud many times over. At the individual level, he managed to make his family proud by being the top scorer for KU 12 in the MilkLife Soccer Challenge Bandung Series 2024. At the school level, he managed to take his team to the highest podium.

“I am happy to be the champion in the MilkLife Soccer Challenge – Bandung Series 1 2024, especially as the top scorer. Earlier in the final, the opponent mainly played well defensively and I had difficulty scoring. “But I kept doing my best to score goals and become champions,” said Susi Herawati's child.

The final match of the MilkLife Soccer Challenge – Bandung Series 1 2024 was also attended by several members of the Indonesian Women's National Team, namely Reva Octaviani, Agnes Sintauli Hutapea, Siti Nuriyah, Gadhiza Asnanza, as well as the U 17 Women's National Team player, Wandha Azzahra Octana Maharani.

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Reva Octaviani is even grateful that women's football is now starting to grow at a young age. He hopes that this tournament can be used by female students to discover and hone their talents as football athletes. “If I could turn back time, I would like to go back to the age of 10 so that I could participate in this tournament. Because for me this is a very positive activity and it should be participated in. Unfortunately, it did not happen. Miss this opportunity not for younger brothers and sisters and I hope that more and more female footballer athletes will be born in Bandung who can bear the name Indonesia, he said.

Head coach of MilkLife Soccer Challenge, coach Timo Scheunemann, said organizing a football tournament for primary school girls in the Flower City amazed him. Different from other cities, KU 10 in Bandung looks more potential. He also expressed his appreciation to the coaches of the teams participating in the MilkLife Soccer Challenge – Bandung Series 1 2024 for preparing their respective students well.

“I see that the enthusiasm in Bandung is high and hopefully more primary schools will participate in the MilkLife Soccer Challenge in the future. There is something unique about this city because many of the female students of KU 10 are of higher quality compared to others cities. I also respect most of the coaches here because it seems they have implemented what they learned during the coaching clinic “I hope they can increase the intensity of their practice in the extracurricular classes of their respective school,” said Timo .

Risman Al Isnaeni, SH as Head of Institutional and Primary Schools of Bandung Education Department, who was also present at the final, positively welcomed the MilkLife Soccer Challenge tournament held in various cities, especially Bandung.

“This tournament is the first time it has been held in Bandung and we are very supportive of it so that it can take place on a large scale. “Let us unite our insights and work together with the Djarum Foundation Sports Service and MilkLife to create more achievements for our girls,” he emphasized.

The following is a list of winners of the MilkLife Soccer Challenge – Bandung Series 1 2024:

Age category 10

  • Champion: SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit
  • Second place: SDN 075 Jatayu
  • Semi-finalists: SDN 065 Cihampelas and SDN 164 Karang Pawulang A
  • Top scorer: Nadhiva Shula – SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit
  • Best Player: Ferisa Dewi Widodo – SDN 075 Jatayu
  • Best goalkeeper: Nabila Hilyah Abidah – SDN 085 Ciumbuleuit
  • Fairplay team: SDN 164 Karang Pawulang A

Age category 12

  • Champion: SDN 043 Cimungcang C
  • Second place: SDN 036 Ujungberung
  • Semi-finalists: SDN 065 Cihampelas and SDN 004 Cisaranten Kulon
  • Top scorer: Sandrina Rachelia Suprapto – SDN 043 Cimuncang C
  • Best Player: Nhatasya Al-Syafira Septiani Putri – SDN 154 Citepus Bandung
  • Best goalkeeper: Yasmin Putri Suryadi – SDN 036 Ujungberung
  • Fairplay team: SDN 036 Ujungberung. (Z-6)

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