Profile of Mohammad Masduki who replaced Afriansyah Noor as Secretary General of the Crescent Star Party

TEMPO.CO, JakartaOn June 12, 2024, Deputy Manpower Minister Afriansyah Noor was removed from the position of Secretary General (Sekjen) of the Crescent Star Party (PBB). This dismissal from office occurred when Afriansyah was attending the International Labor Organization (ILO) conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

“On June 12, 2024, I was dismissed as administrator together with a number of my friends Star Moon Party (UN). “I received this news when I was at the ILO conference in Switzerland, Geneva,” Afriansyah said via a video on his personal TikTok account uploaded on June 16, 2024.

Acting General Chairman of the UN Central Leadership Council Fahri Bachmid confirmed the removal of the position of Afriansyah Noor, who was replaced by Mohammad Masduki. According to Fahri, changing positions in the organization is a given. Since May 18, 2024, PBB has taken several steps for the internal restructuring and consolidation of parties.

One of the steps Fahri took as acting president of the UN was replacement or refreshment (placement and refreshment) also from the party management arrangements (rearrangement) of certain positions. “Also the position of secretary general,” Fahri explains.

The position of PBB Secretary General currently held by Mohammad Masduki is in accordance with the party's procedures and statutes/statutes (AD/ART). According to Fahri, the reason for this change was purely a technical consideration to accelerate the party's internal consolidation in tackling the national agenda, including the conduct of the 2024 regional elections.

Profile of Mohammed Masduki


Based on infopemilu.kpu.go.idMohammad Masduki was born on November 10, 1966 in Pamekasan, East Java. Before being appointed PBB Secretary General, Masduki first ran for DPR 2024-2029 in East Java 1 Constituency, Surabaya City and Sidoarjo Regency. Earlier, he had started his political career with the Crescent Star Party. He first held the position of Chairman of PBB East Java Regional Leadership Council (DPW) in 2015.

Masduki holds a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University, Malang. He then followed another field of study, namely law. He continued his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law, Sunan Giri College of Law (STIH), Malang. He then continued his master's studies in line with his last bachelor's degree, namely law studies at the Islamic University of Malang (Unisma), Malang.

Mohammad Masduki is also active in participating in various organizations. According to was the founder of the National Symposium of Muslim Scholars Across Indonesia as the initial momentum for the birth of the Association of Muslim Scholars Across Indonesia (ICMI) Malang, in 1990. He then became the trustee of the Nurul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School Foundation, Lembung, Pamekasan, from 1991 to present. The Secretary General of the Crescent Star Party is also active in several other organizations, including:

  • Founder and administrator of Putera Zaman educational institution (2004-present);
  • Managing Partner of Al Uswah Education Foundation, Pamekasan (2004-present);
  • Founder of the Islamic Social Fund Institute, Malang (2002);
  • Founder of the Advanced Prosperous Community Desire Foundation, Malang (2002); And
  • Founder and Chief Director of the NGO The Medina Institute, Malang (2006-present).


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