Pos Indonesia and TikTok launch Creative Home for creators, MSMEs and communities

Pos Indonesia and TikTok launch Creative Home for creators, MSMEs and communities
Launch of Creative Home as a result of collaboration between PT Pos Indonesia and Tiktok (DOK/POS INDONESIA)

EVERY day, the TikTok community around the world continues to create a positive impact, both on and off the platform. In line with its mission to inspire creativity and bring happiness, TikTok partnered with PT Pos Indonesia and the Ministry of BUMN to launch TikTok | Just Post! Creator House, a first in Indonesia.

This creative house dedicated by TikTok to creators, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the broader community aims to encourage the creation of content that is entertaining, inspiring and adds value to the TikTok community in Indonesia.

On the same occasion, TikTok also launched the site “TikTok Indonesia Impact Website”, which summarizes the various positive impacts of the TikTok community to inspire the broader community to participate in making positive changes for others.

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Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir appreciated the cooperation between TikTok Indonesia and PT Pos Indonesia at the presentation of TikTok | Just Post! Creator House at Kota Tua Post Office, Jakarta.

Erick has TikTok | Just Post! Creator House is a creative forum dedicated to the creator community, publishers and the public and also a showcase for MSME products.

“I appreciate the cooperation between PT Pos Indonesia and TikTok. I always say that Pos Indonesia has a great history and historical buildings, but don’t let it happen in this era of change, it won’t bring new history,” he said.

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He encouraged TikTok to increase its investment in Indonesia, the country with the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia.

“TikTok must believe and dare to invest more than other countries. Please tell the Tiktok bosses, I have met them all, don’t be a stranger because in Indonesia the economic potential is much greater than in others. So if others give you one Indonesia must have four,” he stressed.

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Erick said that Indonesia’s digital economy has the potential to reach IDR 4.5 trillion by 2030. Indonesia’s GDP per capita is expected to reach $10,000 by 2030.

Therefore, he greatly appreciates the collaboration between TikTok and PT Pos Indonesia in providing a creative platform dedicated to the creator community, publishers, government and society.

Erick believes that this partnership is an innovative step in optimizing the potential of Indonesia’s digital economy. “I appreciate what TikTok and Pos Indonesia are doing today. My message is: don’t get tired of guiding content creators and MSMEs to keep developing.”

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Support MSMEs

The same enthusiasm was also conveyed by Faizal R Djoemadi, General Manager of PT Pos Indonesia. According to him, the collaboration “TikTok | Pos Aja! Creator House” is a concrete expression of Pos Indonesia’s commitment to supporting the advancement of MSMEs and industry and content creators in Indonesia.

“We believe that creators and MSMEs have an extraordinary potential to become economic engines and bring positive change to the nation. TikTok | PosAja! Creator House is here as a dynamic space that connects creators, MSMEs and local communities to collaborate and develop ideas, creative thinking and create inspiring content,” said Faizal.

Pos Indonesia manages over 3,000 properties that can be used in more productive spaces. Since the first opening of the Philatelic Building as a gathering place for the younger generation in 2021 with the PosBloc brand, Pos Indonesia has continued to revitalize our historical buildings.

Something similar was also conveyed by Anggini Setiawan, TikTok Indonesia’s Director of Communications. He said that as a leading entertainment destination, TikTok continues to create space for creators, MSMEs and the public to express themselves, be discovered by a wider audience and collaborate with each other through the creation of useful content.

“Through TikTok | Pos Aja! Creator House, we hope that a number of facilities provided can encourage the birth of new creators, along with creative content that is not only entertaining but can also add value to the TikTok community and Indonesian society. Don’t forget that we would also like to invite the public “to visit the ‘TikTok Indonesia Impact Website’ site, so that you can be inspired to make positive changes based on the stories of the TikTok community who have succeeded in using TikTok to spread goodness,” he said.


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