Mount Ibu erupted four times, residents within 4km radius were asked to stay away: Okezone News

JAKARTA Mother Mountain In West Halmahera, North Moluccas experienced four eruptions on Wednesday (7-10-2024).

The eruption occurred at 06:28 WIT, 07:06 WIT, 07:55 WIT and 08:43 WIT. The highest recorded launch of volcanic ash was 500 meters above the summit.

“An eruption of Mount Ibu occurred on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 08:43 WIT, with the ash column height observed to be ±500 m above the summit (±1825 m above sea level),” Volcano Post Officer, Axl Roeroe said in his statement.

Until 08:43 WIT the ash column was observed to be gray to the southeast with a high intensity. Eruption Mother Mountain this was recorded on a seismograph with a maximum amplitude of 7 mm and a duration of 109 seconds

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Meanwhile, people around Mount Ibu and visitors or tourists are advised not to carry out any activities within a 4 km radius and a 5 km sectoral extension towards the crater opening in the northern part of Mount Ibu’s active crater.

“If ash falls, people doing outdoor activities are advised to use nose, mouth (mask) and eye protection (goggles),” he concluded.

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