Kusnadi's lawyer criticizes the statement of a former KPK investigator

Kusnadi's lawyer criticizes the statement of a former KPK investigator
Staff of PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto, Kusnadi (right) talking to the legal advisory team (MI/Susanto)

Kusnadi's lawyer, PDI Perjuangan Secretary-Staff Hasto Kristiyanto, Petrus Selestinus questioned the statement of former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator Yudi Purnomo, who said that without Rossa Purbo Bekti, the KPK would have difficulty capturing Harun Masiku, who has been on the run for four years. years.

According to Petrus, Yudi's statement actually seemed to dwarf the KPK; the anti-corruption agency was considered helpless without Rossa et al. As a figure of the KPK, Yudi said that Petrus should not have expressed this opinion. He praised the performance of Rossa and her team, but on the other hand he also underestimated the performance of the KPK.

“Without Rossa and her friends, the KPK would not have succeeded in exposing the case. This statement is actually an insult to the KPK,” Petrus said as he gathered in Kebayoran Baru district, South Jakarta on Sunday (23/6).

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Yudi's statement is not only offensive, but could also undermine public confidence in the Corruption Eradication Committee, which has had a number of successes in enforcing corruption. The Corruption Eradication Committee (KPK) is considered highly dependent on individual investigators.

Petrus also regretted this statement because the KPK's performance does not depend on just one figure. To solve the various corruption problems in this country, all KPK employees need unity and teamwork.

“Yudi puts the KPK in a position that is very dependent on the individual capabilities of Rossa and her friends. “This is dangerous for people who work in the Corruption Eradication Committee or wherever there is a system where there are laws regulating this, and not for the wealth of individuals who break all the rules,” he emphasized.

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Meanwhile, Purbo Bekti was asked to be immediately expelled from the Corruption Eradication Committee as he was deemed incompetent in resolving the Harun Masiku case. This pressure arose after Rossa et al. inspected and seized a number of objects, such as mobile phones and ATMs from Kusnadi.

The investigation and seizure of Kusnadi's assets was carried out by Rossa Cs during Hasto's interrogation as a witness in the Harun Masiku case on June 10, 2024.

Rossa and friends were deemed to have breached procedures for examining and frisking Kusnadi without clear procedures. Rossa is even suspected of forging documents in which Kusnadi's goods were seized.

He added that Kusnadi's other attorney, Erick S. Paat, regretted the actions of Rossa et al. He believed that Rossa had done wrong to her client. He also urged that National Police Chief Rossa Purbo Bekti withdraw from her position.

“When Rossa Purbo Bekti was appointed KPK investigator as the chosen investigator, the loyalty of Rossa et al. “Only against the law and against the leadership of the KPK, not against external parties, as stated by Aleks Marwata, deputy chairman of the KPK,” he said (Z-8).

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