Islamic boarding schools play a role in preserving the environment

Islamic boarding schools play a role in preserving the environment
Atmosphere of PPI UNAS Award Eco-Islamic Boarding School Activities (Unas Doc)

To achieve this, Islamic boarding schools must continue to be managed in a modern way Exitcan compete on a global level. Islamic boarding schools should also be at the forefront as centers of education, da'wah centers and empowerment centers according to the function of Islamic boarding schools in the Islamic Boarding School Law No. 18 of 2019.

However, in this process, it is expected that Islamic boarding schools will be able to make reforms in various aspects of life, including education and environmental conservation, amid global climate change.

“The development of education that combines religious knowledge and knowledge of environmental conservation must continue to be developed in a balanced way so that students also care about the surrounding environment,” said deputy deputy for pre-school, primary and secondary education at the coordinating Ministry of the Environment. Human Development and Culture (PMK) Jazziray Hartoyo as the keynote speaker representing Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy, during the Eko Pesantren Award event in Jakarta, Friday (14/6).

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The Eko Pesantren Award, presented by the Center for Islamic Studies of the National University (PPI Unas), concludes a series of Eko Pesantren activities that have been going on for three years.

During this event, PPI Unas presented awards to the best Islamic boarding schools in the field of environmental activities based on reviews web tracking Through reviewer. Prizes were awarded to three winners from Islamic boarding schools in the general category and ten winners from Islamic boarding schools in the Eco-Islamic boarding schools category.

Chairman of PPI Unas Fachruddin M Mangunjaya said the Eko Pesantren program was attended by 50 Islamic boarding schools across Java and Sumatra. This Islamic boarding school involves 76,000 students in the development of 10 eco-Islamic boarding school programs. PPI Unas and associated parties also helped improve the program, including planting tree seedlings, socializing environmental students and installing solar panels, to integrate science and Islam as well as environmentally conscious culture.

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The eco-Islamic boarding school program has 10 derivative programs, namely environmental-based curriculum, integration of lessons from environmental jurisprudence, improving human resources in the environmental sector, Islamic boarding school land management and water resources management.

Then, programs for clean and healthy living management, waste and waste management, energy resource management, transportation management and biodiversity management.

“With the end of this program, it is hoped that the participating Islamic boarding schools can continue and develop environmental initiatives for a better and more sustainable future,” he said.

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The Eko Pesantren Award event was also attended by the Acting Director of Preschool Education and Islamic Boarding Schools of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag), Waryono Abdul Ghafur, Member of Committee VIII DPR Maman Imanul Haq, and Member of the Hajj Executive Council Financial. Management agency (BPKH) Harry Alexander.

Then President of the Foundation for Advancing Science and Culture (YMIK) Ramlan Siregar, Unas Vice Chancellor for Academic, Student and Alumni Affairs Suryono Efendi, and Unas Vice Chancellor for Research, Community Service and Collaboration Ernawati Sinaga.

Acting Director of Early Childhood Education and Islamic Boarding Schools at the Ministry of Religion, Waryono Abdul Ghafur, hopes that the Eko Pesantren program will continue and attract more Islamic boarding schools to join the movement to care for the environment.

Unas Vice Chancellor for Academic, Student and Alumni Affairs, Suryono Efendi, appreciated PPI Unas for running the Eko Pesantren program to contribute to the development of the integration of science and Islam, especially environmental measures and addressing climate change. (D-2)


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