Irfan Hakim talks to the sacrificial cow before it is slaughtered

Irfan Hakim talks to the sacrificial cow before it is slaughtered
Irfan Hakim invites cows to chat before slaughter (Instagram)

ARTIST Irfan Hakim has a unique habit: talking to his sacrificial cows before they are slaughtered, as a form of love and respect for these animals.

“I like to have chat sessions with my sacrificial animals. Tonight I will talk to all my sacrificial animals. Usually I feel confused from tonight until the big day,” said Irfan Hakim, quoted from Between, Saturday (15/6).

Irfan Hakim believes that animals, as living beings, have the ability to communicate. In fact, he hired a veterinary communications expert as a communication mediator between himself and the animals.

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Before the day of slaughter, Irfan Hakim, who is 48 years old, always talks to his sacrificial animal and explains the purpose of the sacrifice. According to him, it is important to give animals insight into the meaning of sacrifice, that they have been chosen for a noble purpose. Irfan Hakim stated that the animals responded in their own way, through eye contact, moaning or movement.

“They are not just sacrificial animals, I even talk to all my pets. They respond through their eyes, moans and movements,” says Irfan, who is known to be an animal lover.

For Irfan, sacrifice is not just a process of buying animals, transferring money, receiving the animals, taking photos and sharing their meat. He felt a deep emotional bond with these animals. Every evening, especially on Takbiran evening, he always visits the stable and talks to the cows to give a loving farewell message. This year, Irfan felt that not only he felt confused, but also his zookeepers.

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“So if you ask me if I'm confused, not only am I confused, but so is the congregation, because we love these animals so much. This is the difference between just making a sacrifice and making a sacrifice where feelings involved.” he said.

Irfan felt that involving his feelings in the sacrificial process made him understand the true nature of the sacrifice, like what Prophet Ibrahim did with Prophet Ismail. “I think this is the essence of Prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice to Prophet Ismail, the child who was expected due to obedience and had to be separated. Sacrificing something one loves is difficult and there is always temptation,” he said.

Irfan has prepared four large cows, three of which will be sacrificed this year. He gave the four cows unique names, namely Condrosimo, Janoko, Nicki and Bomber. Janoko's cow will be sacrificed next year. This year, Irfan and his team will sacrifice six cows, the other three belong to his relatives. (Z-10)

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