Indonesian rock climbing and judo athletes qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

Indonesian rock climbing and judo athletes qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris
Indonesian athlete Lalu Muhammad Zohri (AFP)

TEAM Indonesia has officially added athletes who will compete in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. These additions include two mountaineering athletes Veddriq Leonardo and Rajiah Sallsabillah, judo athlete Maryam March Maharani, and one from athletics, sprinter Lalu Muhammad Zohri.

Veddriq and Rajiah secured tickets to Paris after winning bronze in the Paris 2024 Olympic qualifying series in Budapest, Hungary. Both secured a place at the Olympic Games through rankings.

Veddriq collected 91 points during the qualifying series and is in second place in the standings. Meanwhile, Rajiah collected a total of 86 points and was in the top three.

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Judo athlete Maryam March Maharani qualified for the Olympics after completing the quota for Continental Asia in the women's -52kg event. Based on the official letter from the International Judo Federation to the Indonesian Olympic Committee (NOC Indonesia), Maryam is currently ranked sixth in Asia.

Sprinter Lalu Zohri confirmed his ticket for the 2024 Olympics after securing a Universality Quota Place. This will be the second time that Zohri appears at the Olympic Games after the 2020 edition.

Indonesian Olympic Committee President Raja Sapta Oktohari admitted he was deeply moved by seeing the struggle of athletes, coaches and sports officials to compete for a spot at Paris 2024.

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“Thank God, in recent days we have heard happy news that four additional athletes from Team Indonesia have successfully qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris,” Okto said in his statement on Tuesday (25/6).

“Congratulations to Veddriq, Rajiah, Zohri and Maryam for ensuring they qualify for Paris 2024. Don't be satisfied because your top performance has to be in Paris later, the target is a gold medal in Paris. Remember to be careful of your condition, physically and mentally,” said Okto.

According to the Indonesian Olympic Committee, there are 25 Red and White representatives who have officially won tickets based on a list provided by each sport's international federation. In addition, there are two more archery sports that have won tickets, namely the women's team and the mixed team, but they are still waiting for the announcement.

“As of today, a total of 25 Indonesian team athletes have qualified. Hopefully, in the remaining time until the registered registration on July 8, there will be additional athletes who have qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. We ask for prayers and support from all Indonesians for the team “Indonesia, so that it can bring maximum results later in Paris,” Okto said. (Z-8)

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