Herigo ready to help find culinary destinations

Herigo ready to help find culinary destinations
Horego co-founder and CEO Kevin Osmond (MI/MEILANI TENIWUT)

THE problem of finding a quality restaurant to suit your taste in an unknown area has now been solved with the official launch of a new application called Horego in Indonesia. This application aims to change the way Indonesians discover and explore various culinary delights, providing a comprehensive solution to easily search, rate and share culinary experiences.

“To make it easier for people to find places to eat, Indonesia's food guide application, Horego, is here as a solution. Horego's vision is to help people eat better, live better (delicious food to live better),” said Horego co-founder and CEO Kevin Osmond during a press conference at SOLO Ristorante, South Jakarta, Thursday (6/13).

Developed from Kevin's personal experience, who often struggled to find quality food options while traveling, Horego promises this vision as a key pillar in its development mission.

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The Horego application offers a variety of features designed to simplify finding dining options.

Here are some of the key features that Herigo offers:

1. Look for food or places to eat
Users can search for dining options based on specific locations down to sub-district level, the type of cuisine they want, restaurant ratings, price ranges and the facilities available at the place to eat.

2. Location list
This feature allows users to create and share personal lists of their favorite places to eat. Users can collect, organize and share their own culinary experiences with the Horego community.

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3. Reviews and Reviews
Users can see reviews from other users in the form of texts, photos and videos. These reviews help users make decisions by providing honest and diverse opinions about each eatery.

4. Suggestions for new places to eat
This feature allows users to suggest new dining options not yet listed in the application. Once presented, the eateries go through a selection process to ensure they match the categories in the application.

Kevin emphasizes the importance of high-quality reviews within Horego, where reviews with the most likes are given priority, allowing reliable recommendations to be made efficiently for users. This approach not only improves the user experience, but also strengthens Horego's commitment as a trusted community platform for culinary discovery.

With these innovative features, Horego not only provides practical search tools for users, but also builds an active and trusted community of culinary enthusiasts across Indonesia. Currently, this application has managed to collect data on approximately 750,000 eateries spread across different cities in Indonesia, making it the top choice for anyone who wants to discover and enjoy the country's culinary diversity.

To enjoy a better culinary experience with Horego, this application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Join the Horego community today and discover hundreds of thousands of the best dining options in Indonesia with just a few taps of your finger. (Z-6)

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