Helpers obey don’t go home during Eid, that’s why Tessa Kaunang’s house is lonely

medialnewsTessa Kaunang must handle all of his homework on his own when the Eid al-Fitr holidays arrive. Therefore, on Eid this year, he had to leave his children at home when he had to go to work, but he did not forget that he always left foods that were easy to prepare.

“My food was prepared in the room, easy food, like bread, was prepared. It’s complicated if they ask for a big meal, so if they have problems because the kitchen is also unable to use it because we are renovating the house, ”said Tessa Kaunang when she met. in the Jagakarsa region, south of Jakarta, (14/5) Friday afternoon.

1. It’s not a homecoming

“Which is complicated nowadays, because this Eid still does not have the right to come home, but the people in my house, they go to their brothers and sisters, so no one is home no more. So what bothers me is that I still have to work but the children at home, ”he continued.

During Eid, because the house is quiet, Tessa and her children spend time sleeping and resting. Then in the evening, he invited his children to eat outside because no one was preparing food at home.

2. Find Eating Out

“Nothing, we slept until the end of the afternoon. It means we haven’t been anywhere. Then, when it was late at night, I told the children to hurry up and get ready to eat outside. well we’re going out soon, ”he said.

Plus, even though Tessa has to tour every day, she apparently never forgets to spend time with her family. Sunday is the 45-year-old’s choice for spending quality time with her children.

3. We spent some quality time with the children

“Every Sunday I ask for a day off. It is therefore used to spend quality time with my children. Invite the children out to eat, watch, watch. So if you have a lot of time to work every day, you have to spend a lot of time, ”he concluded.

Taking the time to spend quality time with children is certainly acceptable in the midst of a pandemic. Even so, always make sure to #IngatPesanIbu. Wear a mask, wash your hands diligently, limit mobility, stay away from crowds, and keep your distance. We wish you all good health, KLovers!

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