Hajj Trip 2024: Wukuf in Padang Arafah: Okezone Haji

JAKARTA – The 9th of Dhu’lhijah has arrived, in the series of pilgrimages the 9th of Dhu’lhijah is considered the culmination of the Hajj pilgrimage, where on that day the Hajj pilgrims gather in the ‘Arafah field to perform wukuf.

Wukuf is the essence of the Hajj pilgrimage, so no Hajj pilgrim should remain behind while performing this wukuf. Even if the pilgrim is sick, it is legally obligatory to remain in the Arafah field, even if they have to use a stretcher. If one does not perform wukuf in Arafah, then his Hajj is invalid.

Wukuf is performed on the 9th of Dhu’l-hijjah from sunset (zuhur) until sunrise the following day (10th of Dhu’l-hijjah). This is the time when Hajj pilgrims seek forgiveness, pray and remember the greatness of Allah SWT.

Wukuf in Arafah is the culmination of the Hajj, where pilgrims gather at Padang Arafah to perform prayers and dhikr, asking for forgiveness and guidance from Allah SWT. The day of Arafat is also known as one of the most blessed days in the Islamic calendar, and prayers offered on this day are believed to have great merit.

The journey from Mina to Arafah is usually a 20-30 minute bus ride, but this year there are quite a lot of Hajj pilgrims, so the journey time is almost 2 hours. We were very grateful, because even though there was a breakdown in one of our buses, we were able to use another bus, even though it was crowded. We saw several other pilgrims who had to walk to the Arafah field.

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Upon arrival in Arafah, we went straight to the tent/maktab set up by the committee. There we joined pilgrims from other hajj destinations until there were about 400 hajj pilgrims in one Arafah tent. While waiting for noon, the congregation is invited to have breakfast, perform ablution and prepare the best prayers that will be said during the afternoon until the sun sets for sunset.

One of the congregation members in the Arafah tent was Mr. Haji Siswanto. This 70-year-old man from Ngawi is a teacher in a remote area and has been teaching for 27 years in the Jaya Wijaya district of Papua. A teacher in a remote area was full of struggle.

Every day, Mr. Siswanto cycled three kilometers through the dense forests of Papua. For the first seven years, he had to adapt to eating tubers as a staple food, because there was no rice like on the island of Java.

Decades of sincere service in Papua came to an end when riots broke out forcing Mr. Siswanto and several other people to be evacuated from Papua. He left his savings behind in Papua for 27 years, carrying only a bag due to the very tense conditions at the time

Mr. Siswanto’s experience of decades of dedication and struggle in remote areas has opened our eyes to how grateful we are to live in the city and that we are provided with ease in all things. Our gratitude to Allah SWT should continue to increase so that we are always provided with ease.

The committee also prepared an agenda in which the Arafah sermon will be delivered by Prof, DR, Abdul Somad Lc, MA, which earlier began with tausiyah of Ustadz Subki Al-Bughuri, Ustadz Dr. Zainurrofieq Lc, MA and Ustadz Irawan Taqwa Lc, MA

The Arafah sermon delivered by the UAS with enthusiasm and solemnity reminds us how fortunate we are to be able to gather in the Field of Arafah, while there are still many Muslims who dream of being able to perform the Hajj pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

How many Muslims save for decades so that they can go on Hajj, even if Allah SWT gives them a chance before they die.

The day of Arafah is a very special day, a day when Allah opens wide the doors of forgiveness and blessings for His people. Compared to the night of Lailatul Qadr, which is also very special, but Allah keeps the time secret while the day of Arafah is fixed and is a special occasion for Muslims to receive forgiveness and blessings from Allah SWT.

Ask forgiveness for both living and deceased parents. “Because our parents are the ones who have contributed the most for us and truly love us the most,” according to UAS. Then make more istighfar so that our sins will be forgiven and whoever makes more istighfar, Allah will give us sustenance from an unexpected direction. Do more good deeds and always remember Allah SWT, according to the sermon of Ustadz Abdul Somad.

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