Gigi appears at Jazz Mount Bromo 2024 and changes the band name

Gigi appears at Jazz Mount Bromo 2024 and changes the band name
Gigi Band singer Armand Maulana (Antara)

Gigi's band group will be one of the performers at Jazz Gunung Bromo 2024, which will take place on July 19 and 20, 2024. Gigi will change their name to Gigi Jazz Project when they perform at Jazz Gunung Bromo 2024.

The band led by Armand Maulana, Dewa Budjana, Thomas Ramdhan and Gusti Hendy will perform a repertoire of mainstay jazz arrangements. Hendy said Gigi performed some of their songs in a jazz format. To appear at Jazz Mount Bromo 2024, they will now make adjustments to the jazz arrangements that were previously made.

“The format will also feature additional musicians. “So not only are there four of us, but there is also a pianist,” Hendy said when met after the Jazz Mount Bromo 2024 press conference at IFI Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (25/6).

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Meanwhile, singer Armand Maulana said he would stick to his vocal character, but adjustments would be made to the arrangements made. “What changes is not the way of singing, but the choice of notes and the energy that is emphasized. “So adapt to the current arrangements,” Armand added.

Besides Gigi, Hendy and Dewa Budjana have actually appeared several times in the Jazz Gunung series. Hendy and his jazz rock fusion trio Ligro once performed at Jazz Gunung Ijen Banyuwangi. In the meantime, Budjana has also appeared several times in the Mountain Jazz series, including on Mount Bromo. Budjana herself is curator of Jazz Gunung.

“Mas Bagas (Indyatmono – director of Jazz Gunung Indonesia), asked us to perform a changed repertoire with new arrangements. We discussed it and tried it. That's why the name won't just be Gigi, but Gigi Jazz Project. “In addition to the addition of a piano, there will also be a brass section,” Hendy said.

2024 will be the 16th Mount Bromo Jazz event, having first been held in 2009. Organizers are offering three categories (regular, VIP and vVIP) for daily and ongoing ticket prices. Normal daily IDR 550 thousand, continuous IDR 850 thousand, daily VIP IDR 1.2 million, continuous IDR 1.9 million, and daily vvip IDR 2 million, continuous IDR 3.7 million. (Z-8)

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