Encouraging Competence, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and Technology Offers LKP Barista Apprenticeships in the Coffee Industry

Encouraging Competence, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and Technology Offers LKP Barista Apprenticeships in the Coffee Industry
Ministry of Education and Culture facilitates LKP barista instructors for vocational training in the coffee industry (Doc)

THE MINISTRY of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) is once again organizing an internship program for instructors and managers of course and training institutions (LKP). In 2024, LKP barista instructors and managers will have the opportunity to hone their competencies in line with the latest industry trends.

The Ministry of Education and Culture, through the Directorate of Courses and Training, Directorate General of Vocational Education, is working with the Indonesia Coffee Academy by Anomali Coffee as an industrial partner to develop the skills of instructors and LKP managers related to the coffee industry sharpen.

There are 15 selected LKP instructors and managers who have previously gone through a selection process to deliver the Instructor and Course Management and Training Internship Program in barista skills. The implementation process of this internship will be carried out on June 5-14, 2024 in Jakarta.

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Director of Courses and Training, Nahdiana, stated that an instructor's competency is the key to preparing professional baristas.

“Currently, we are focusing on improving governance in the LKP education unit. One of the concerns is developing the quality of Human Resources (HR) through the internship program for instructors and course managers and training as an upskilling effort, so that LKP will later become an option to improve the community economy,” Nahdiana said in an official statement received by Media Indonesia today.

Irvan Helmi, one of the founders (co-founder) of Anomali Coffee, based at the Indonesia Coffee Academy, expressed his enthusiasm for this program. According to him, vocational education, especially courses and training, can be a bridge that connects the coffee world with the education sector from upstream to downstream.

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“We welcome the efforts of the Ministry of Education and Culture to jointly prepare the talents of barista instructors. “Here we facilitate internship program participants to enhance their skills,” Irvan said.

As a training center under the auspices of Anomali Coffee, Indonesia Coffee Academy is the best place to train the skills of apprentice program participants. Berry Prathama Effendi, as a barista instructor from LKP Pekanbaru Hospitality Institute, Pekanbaru, Riau, said this program was a valuable experience for him.

Berry has long experience in the coffee sector and has not stopped learning. According to him, this opportunity was the best step he had ever taken as an instructor. Berry and other participants just completed the manual, sensory and coffee cup evaluations.

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“Of course an extraordinary opportunity. This program has deepened my sensory and roasting skills. “Before, I had never explored these two things,” Berry said.

According to Berry, after witnessing the Anomali Coffee kitchen firsthand and receiving a full explanation of coffee, he fully understood what the coffee industry was really like. He also knows how to transfer knowledge to the participants.

“Here we also learn how to communicate well when conveying material to students,” Berry says.

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This was also confirmed by the head of the Indonesia Coffee Academy Director Donna Elvina. In charge of the training class, Donna revealed that the biggest challenge for her institution is training instructors so that they are not only trained in competitions, but also have the opportunity to hand over the equipment.

“The participants in this program are instructors who already have experience. That is why we also offer treatments other than the basic level. “We don't just want to award certificates, we want them to become experts in learning these skills,” Donna explains.

In support of this goal, Donna stated that this training was not only about practicing coffee pouring techniques, but also about evaluation and presentation to see how participants could properly explain the material.

“The term is not just thrown around, but must also be explained out loud to students later,” Donna concludes.

The instructor and course manager and training internship program also includes automotive engines. In this area, the Ministry of Education and Culture is working with Yamaha DDS2 West Java as an industrial partner, which will be held on June 3-12, 2024. (Z-8)

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