Empire Cinemas, the only luxury cinema in the city of Prophet Mohammed: Okezone Haji

MADINA – One of the two holiest cities in Islam is Medina, making this city an important destination for millions of pilgrims Hajj and Umrah.

City Medina centered around the Nabawi Mosque which was built by Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

This city is often called “Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah”, which means “City of Light”, due to its important role in the life of the Prophet and the spread of Islam.

Before this city was called Medina, this city was better known as Yathrib. Located about 453 kilometers from Mecca, Medina is also surrounded by the arid hills of the Hijaz Mountains, with Mount Uhud as its highest peak.

However, there is something unique in this city, which is the existence of a movie theater called Empire Cinemas. The location is at Al Rashid Mega Mall, approximately 15 km away Nabawi Mosque.

Al Rashid Mega Mall is not very big. It is still less than the Grand Indonesia in Jakarta and other cinemas in the capital.

Most of the people who come to this cinema are teenage girls. Many also do not wear a veil.

There are several choices of movies in the cinema. Like Western films produced by Hollywood, there are Indian films produced by Bollywood, to films produced by Saudi Arabia.

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Tonight Empire Cinemas shows Inside Out 2, Norah, Tarot, The Bikeriders, Fanzo, Bad Boys and Welad Rizk 3: El Qadia.

“Please choose where to sit. “The front is SAR 45, the middle is SAR 50, the back is SAR 55,” Ahmed, the counter clerk, told Hajj Media Center 2024 some time ago.

One ticket to watch a movie costs SAR 50 or approximately IDR 213 thousand. This ticket price is valid on weekends. On weekdays, ticket prices start from SAR 20.

Studio 9, where films are shown at Empire Cinemas, has 100 seats and is almost full. Like cinemas in Indonesia, the audience sometimes consists of couples and sometimes groups.

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